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Claudia at the Seaside

Helping you uncover your potential

Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.

~ Ann Voskamp

I've always believed in providing a safe place, somewhere you can tell your story, cry your tears, find happy thoughts, do whatever comes up in that very moment, without being judged. Where you are listened to and believed.

Reaching out a helping hand, as we are living through unprecedented times which makes our day-to-day life extremely demanding. But there are solutions to be found. Whether you choose tarot coaching, energetic healing, meditations, shamanic journey work or spiritual mentoring, it will be a unique experience just for you.

 Together we will uncover your potential, find your very own path, watch it unfold and weave its way into your consciousness. Here you will find true magic, as it reveals how you can deeply and meaningfully engage with the world around you.

Bringing awareness and compassion to the parts of you that are feeling unfulfilled, unseen and unacknowledged will help you honour all of who you are and help you move forward.

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Tarot Coaching will help you gain insights into situations, give you encouragement, hope and guidance on how to navigate potential challenges. You will receive help and support in making wise, clear and powerful decisions.

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You can choose between in person or distance Reiki sessions (these are just as effective), or book Reiki training Level I or Level II.

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The Soul-Goddess Mentoring Programme is more than a consultation, it is more than a conversation in which you can find the answers to your deepest questions. Soul-Goddess mentoring is a completely confidential intimate encounter between You and Me. A deep connection, a road map to your innermost soul chronicles.

- Ute, Lower Saxony, Germany


"Claudia has a deep empathy and really understands and meets you where you are at. Her excellent interpretation has helped me greatly in becoming aware of some blocks that were stopping me from living a fulfilled life. She presented me with some great solutions, I could easily integrate. New avenues have opened up for me, that I can incorporate step by step. I would very much like to recommend this experience to anyone looking for help and support in their lives."

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