Have you ever wondered if there is more to life?

That there is something more, something fulfilling, something that feels like home?

That was me in 2006 while I sat at my desk crying. As an outsider looking in my life was good. I had a good job, a lovely husband, a great son, but I felt completely empty inside. And I couldn't explain why, I just knew there had to be something else. I could feel it, I remember experiencing it as a child. I wanted that feeling back, that wonder, that magick.

A conversation at a birthday party led me to connect with an internationally renowned Reiki Master and Shaman in Germany, who inducted me into Reiki and Northern Tradition Shamanism. This felt like coming home, finally having found others who could relate to what I was experiencing.

So I started an apprenticeship, learning all I could and remembering my way home, my way back to love, to feel comfortable in my own skin. I learned to listen - to the dark, in-between spaces that I had always feared, as here is where I found the greatest comfort, the greatest love. I learned that there is no reason to hide who I truly am, that I do not have to pretend anymore.

I also remembered my love for the Tarot and how you can gain clarity and great insights through a reading. The more I used it, the clearer it became that the Tarot wasn't just a tool, but it was a part of me, a part of who I am.

My other great passion is Reiki. It was love at first sight when I took part in my first Reiki I course and this love has deepened over the years and still gets deeper every time I conduct a treatment, teach it or use it on myself.

Tarot and Reiki are an integral part of my everyday life and it is a great honour for me to be able to pass my knowledge on, be it through Tarot readings, Reiki treatments or holding seminars and courses.

If you feel guided to contact me, I would be honoured to take you on your very own journey of discovery to help you find and walk your very own path.


" We don't heal in isolation, but in community."

S. Kelley Harrell 

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I invite you to say 'yes' to uncovering your true potential.

I will support you on your very own journey of discovery to help you find and walk your very own path.