About Me

Hello and welcome. It is wonderful to connect with you this way.


My name is Claudia and I live in bonny Scotland. I was born an Intuitive and Empath, which lead to many incidents of “knowing” and “feeling” about different situations as a child, which wasn't always easy and meant getting picked on a lot by others.


Luckily my “imaginary” friend – one of my guardian angels – was always there for me, guiding me and loving me.


My great interest in all things spiritual lead me to study the subject in detail through books, travel and connecting with and listening to my ancestors and guides.

" We don't heal in isolation, but in community."

                       S. Kelley Harrell 

" Your journey is at hand and you are responsible."

                             Lujan Matus

Synchronicities lead me to find an internationally renowned Reiki Master and Shaman in Germany, who inducted me into Reiki and Northern Tradition Shamanism. This felt like coming home, finally having found others who could relate to what I was experiencing.


Early on I became interested in the Tarot and started learning as much as I could through books, classes and giving myself and my friends readings. It has become one of my great passions and I pull a card every day, which I then publish on my Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ pages. I absolutely love how you can gain insights and clarity and receive guidance on how to handle situations through Tarot & Oracle Cards, and also how accurate and specific they are.


My other great passion is Reiki. It was love at first sight when I took part in my first Reiki I course and this love has deepened over the years and still gets deeper every time I conduct a treatment or teach it.


Tarot and Reiki are an integral part of my everyday life and it is a great honour for me to be able to pass my knowledge on, be it through Tarot readings, Reiki treatments or holding seminars and courses.


If you feel guided to contact me, I would be honoured to take You on Your very own journey of discovery to help you find and walk your very own path.

My Philosophy

 What I do has to work in the modern world, as we live in the now. We all need a helping hand sometimes, as day-to-day life can be extremely demanding. Because we are all completely unique, there is no "one fits all" approach to my work. I offer all sorts of solutions to the problems of modern life - from stress to oh no, I have ants in my house - and everything in between - together we will find YOUR unique hOIListic way forward! 

hOIListically forward

Claudia Noble-Pyott

Reiki & Tarot

Copyright © 2020 Claudia Noble-Pyott

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