10 Mar 2019

Seeing yourself through the eyes of a loved one helps you understand that you are truly lovable. It assists you in noticing your good points and supports you in learning to love yourself.

This new perspective and clear vision will help you start over in how you see...

9 Mar 2019

Today's Moon is waxing in Aries, so you may feel a surge of very active energy that is pulling you forward and has you striving to achieve your goals. There are new ideas coming in fast that you would like to swiftly and courageously put into action.

The time for...

6 Mar 2019

Today you are called to spread positive thoughts wherever you go or to whomever you encounter. You can channel golden light into any space that my be stuck under clouds of pessimism and negativity.

You are a magician with great vision and you can really help raise t...

5 Mar 2019

Today you will experience a moment of complete clarity and knowing, helping you see yourself through energised eyes.

This clarity will help you embrace the change in your life that is pushing you outside of your comfort zone, thus helping you expand your mind.

Pay at...

4 Mar 2019

You are divinely supported in your endeavours today. You are held in a heavenly hug, saturating you with power and strength, mental and emotional support.

You have learned from past mistakes without allowing their consequences to determine what you are doing today....

3 Mar 2019

You are causing yourself much unnecessary suffering by thinking that you need to improve in some way before you can find peace and fulfilment. The power lies in believing in yourself, in learning to accept and love yourself, in not giving up and being completely yo...

2 Mar 2019

Be still, very quiet and listen with your entire being, not just your ears, to allow your senses to be the souls messengers.

Go deep into nature and find a still place of solitude in which the soul can speak an be heard.

By simply doing without wasting energy on talk...

1 Mar 2019

For the next 21 days I am taking part in the Equinox Intermittent Fasting Challenge, so the daily cards will take a different format.

Daily Mind-Body-Spirit Reflection

You are repressing anger, but even righteous anger, if suppressed, is poisonous to your soul and sp...

28 Feb 2019

You hold the divine spark within you, are an expression of the creator, a wakeful human with many gifts to share. You are a conscious being who feels and perceives, is fragile and imperfect, yet truly magnificent and magical, fluid and ever changing.

Your consciousn...

27 Feb 2019

The Wheel of the Year turns into Spring and brings with it good luck, new beginnings, growth and opportunities. The reset button has been pressed, so welcome every new start with a joyous celebration.

Be present in your life right now and appreciate what is being re...

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