31 Jul 2015

Tonight is full blue moon, so watch out what it will do with you ...

This blue moon is influenced by the creative, enigmatic, mystical sign of Aquarius. This is the time to contemplate your life and how you influence the life of others. But be warned: as the blue mo...

31 Jul 2015

This morning I needed a pick me up, so look what I made. Tasty, delicious and it works for me!



30 Jul 2015

Today I wrote "I'm free" into the sand - and I really feel free. Free from everything that used to drag me down. Of course, I still have responsibilities, but they do not weigh me down anymore. I'm so grateful to be leading this life. You can do this, too. It takes...

28 Jul 2015

"It is not enough to conquer; one must know how to seduce." (Voltaire)
"A Seductress helps to confer growth, creativity, happiness, and authentic masculinity." (Seductress - the women and the art)
Over the centuries there have been many Enchantresses in all culture...

27 Jul 2015

Believe - to believe in Yourself!

The most important thing you can do in improving yourself is to believe in yourself and what you do. 

We all have the inner CRITIC - who comes out at every opportunity and tells us what we can't do and what we are not good at.

We have...

26 Jul 2015

Legend has it, that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology, loved her herb garden. Sie would walk about in it daily to enjoy the warm, lovely and fragrant scent. One of the herbs was especially dear to her ...  

25 Jul 2015

The scent of Jasmine Essential Oils has been described over the centuries as the most romantic, lovely and exotic of all fragrances. To me Jasmine is Love in a bottle ...


24 Jul 2015

My best friend has a wasp problem at the moment - so I got to thinking about animals, what they can tell us about ourself and the problems they are trying to have us look at.

You can call them power animals, helper animals or totem animals - they always have somet...

23 Jul 2015

Today, as I was walking along the wonderful beach where I live, I started to think about places of power. Your own personal place of power, where you can re-charge your batteries - like, a plug socket, where you can plug yourself in and re-charge.

My own personal...

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