31 Aug 2015


Finding out that you are hurt by your own actions of running after your material desires is hard to swallow. Today you realise that you are caught in an unhealthy and unproductive situation. Loosing contact with your core has made you doubt yourself and your futur...

30 Aug 2015


Today is about remembering that even though the desire to be alone and free can be effective and comfortable, it can also be troubling. We cannot be happy and productive for long without some commitment to others. Make sure you are not deceiving yourself and isola...

29 Aug 2015

Vocabulary.com explains: The noun mediocrity means the quality of being average or ordinary. Mediocrity has Latin parts that together literally mean "halfway up the mountain."

If you measure your life by looking at and comparing yourself with others you become avera...

29 Aug 2015


Today you are ready to set clear goals for your future. You foster feelings of determination and a pioneering spirit, which helps you leave the past behind and move forward. Rather than accepting mediocrity because of fear of the unknown, your enjoyment of challen...

28 Aug 2015

Today Tarot advised that something is stopping us from moving forward and we should find out what it is and let go. Now, how exactly do we do that?

Trying to find out which part of ourselves is sabotaging us, is one of the hardest things to do. Most of the time we w...

28 Aug 2015


Today is about finding out what is holding you back. Something is sticking to you like glue and stopping you from moving forward. It is important to find out what this is and the ace of swords gives you the potential and the mindset to achieve this. Once you have...

27 Aug 2015


Today is about “haste makes waste”. Don't gamble valuable, long-term results for short-term success. Give matters enough time for development. Sometimes we get caught up in fear and wondering if what we are doing is the right path to take. Assess your situation, r...

26 Aug 2015


Today is about fun, laughter and the good times that lie ahead. Believe in yourself, you have everything you need to reach all your goals and more. You can embrace the challenge, relish the excitement of every hurdle and can juggle all demands made upon you. Stay...

25 Aug 2015


As from tonight, 25 August 2015 until 21 May 2016, Lilith enters Libra. This is a great time to really explore and get to know yourself.









In Jewish folklore Lilith is Adams first wife. She had been created along with him, as his companion. But there was litt...

25 Aug 2015

Today is about change and new, more hopeful conditions lie ahead. Let go of the old and gently open yourself up to the new. You will step into uncharted waters and this frightens you. Don't let this unsettle you, but proceed calmly as well as resolutely. There is n...

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