30 Jun 2016

You have built thick walls of protection around yourself because you are frightened of being hurt. Past experiences have taught you to do this. And every time someone tries to penetrate these walls with a simple act of kindness, all your defenses go into overdrive....

29 Jun 2016

This New Moon in Cancer is not without its challenges. You are already feeling as though you are being pulled in all directions. You are extremely emotional, one minute you are happy, the next minute you are sad or even crying, it's a constant roller-coaster of all...

29 Jun 2016

You cannot please all of the people all of the time. This is just not possible, so there is no need for you to try. The person you should be pleasing is yourself, as you are the VIP in your world. Standing up for what you believe in is the way forward for you. Spea...

28 Jun 2016

Today you will receive a windfall of some kind that will help you achieve peace of mind. This could be in the form of great advice, unexpected support for your course, even a financial bonus of sorts, or a present of something that you really need. You are feeling...

27 Jun 2016

The world is your oyster, you really can do whatever you wish, go in any direction you choose. You have achieved so much already, you can be really proud of yourself. The more you forgive and heal your past, the more joyful you can move forward. Healing the past is...

26 Jun 2016

All you think about is work and how you can accomplish all you have to do. A 24 hour day doesn't seem long enough for you. You put so much effort into doing everything that you forget about yourself and your needs, even eating on the go without taking care about th...

25 Jun 2016

Today is make a wish day for you. Do you really know what it is that you truly want or would you like to do this because you think it is expected of you and you want to make others happy? It's about what YOU truly want. To find out what this is you need some quiet...

24 Jun 2016

Today is all about standing up for yourself and your beliefs, being assertive. You have no reason to feel guilty about anything. Regret is a wasted emotion that keeps you stuck. Just lately you have been very hard on yourself verbally and mentally which bordered on...

23 Jun 2016

You have deep-seated beliefs that you are not worthy of anything good to enter your life. And if it does you are always waiting for something to happen to take it away again. Letting yourself receive is really hard for you. Be it a present, a compliment or praise,...

22 Jun 2016

Today is the day to take the first big step towards the future you dream about. Focus on what is important to you and detach from any drama that's going on around you. Even if you do not feel ready, it's vital for you to take this first step right now. The door of...

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