31 Aug 2016

The New Moon is traditionally a time of new beginnings. You can press the refresh button and start over. A time to set your intentions, to plant the seed and manifest your dreams and visions.

This New Moon is especially powerful, as it is combined with a Solar Eclip...

31 Aug 2016

You have been ignoring something, had your head in the sand about a certain situation, really didn't want to know. And now – BANG! Here it is. Now you cannot ignore it any longer.

You had the best laid plans, and now you have to completely rethink your direction. Th...

30 Aug 2016

This poem by an unknown author to me is the essence of this card:

When you think you can't go on,

there will be a light you come upon,

that you can carry on

singing of sunshine and fun,

easier bear the burdens of your every day existence

and once again have strength, cou...

29 Aug 2016

Just lately you have given away your power to others. The energy of the Eight of Autumn wants to remind you that empowerment comes through knowledge.

Whatever you are pondering about, whatever situation you are in at the moment, learn as much as you can about your r...

28 Aug 2016

This week you really shine, as you focus on where your talents lie and what you love. Even though some old fears show up midweek, you are able to release them successfully, and make some wise choices that improve your life immensely.

28 Aug 2016

You tend to have a certain belief system, especially about other people, that sometimes makes it hard for you to connect. The energy of Unity wants to remind you to maybe review your concept, so that you can open up to the possibility of making new friends in situa...

27 Aug 2016

What are you trying to run away from? What are you trying to hide? When the energy of the Seven of Winter shows up, it's important to determine who is being dishonest. Is it you, or someone close to you?

What choices have you made recently? Where they wise choices?...

26 Aug 2016

When you open yourself to divine Love, wonderful things start to happen. You will be able to connect with everyone and everything around you on a much deeper level and see the world how it truly is - a beautiful place to live.

26 Aug 2016

Patience is needed today, but that's not really your style. You like to jump into action, mostly without thinking or knowing the full story.

The energy of the Prince of Spring is daring and confident, but have you been overdoing it lately? Have you been over-confide...

25 Aug 2016

You cannot achieve everything on your own, sometimes you need to consult an expert. And today you are in luck, as you meet just the right person for the job.

This person exudes the energy of the King of Spring, is very wise, inspiring, charismatic, with a tendency t...

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