30 Sep 2016

Tonight is New Moon, just like on this card. This New Moon is especially powerful. Here in the UK it is at 1.11 am – an Angel Number that means instant manifestation of that on which you are focussed.

In the Western Hemisphere it is a Black Moon, the 2nd New Moon wi...

29 Sep 2016

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a bolt of pure energy, an epiphany, hits you out of the blue. When that happens, it's best to stop what you are doing and write it down, as otherwise it may just go as quickly as it came.

The energy of the Ace of Summer is just l...

28 Sep 2016

The New Moon phase here in the UK is on 1 October 2016 at 01:11.

The Angel Number 111 is an energy gateway, where your thoughts instantly manifest. So keep your thoughts positive during this New Moon period, as they are manifesting instantly into form. Keep your foc...

28 Sep 2016

Today is all about action. The energy of the Prince of Spring wants to remind you that life is an adventure with magic around every corner.

Life is what You make it, so make it fun. There isn't a situation that you can't successfully manage. Once you inject some pas...

27 Sep 2016

It's easy to get caught up in the stresses and strains of everyday life and forget to make time just for ourselves. You always have so much to do and so little time to fit it all in. Resting and doing nothing is your ultimate challenge. The energy of the Four of Wi...

26 Sep 2016

Today something triggers your melodramatic side, your emotions are going into overdrive. Please be careful as not to be pulled into illusions of what could have beens or if onlys.

The energy of the Prince of Summer might completely sweep you off your feet and keeps...

25 Sep 2016

You are feeling tired and de-spirited, you know that something is wrong and that it's time for a new direction.

The energy of the Eight of Summer comes to you today with the assurance that yes, it's time for you to honestly and openly re-examine and re-evaluate your...

25 Sep 2016

The week starts off with you feeling under the weather, as though you have bitten off more than you can chew. Please rest assured that everything happens for a reason and you are only given what you can handle. Reach out to those who can help you.

Wednesday and Thur...

24 Sep 2016

Sometimes it's very important to go within, be there for yourself, especially when your life has been really stressful. It's good to focus on yourself and re-group emotionally and mentally.

Take some time today to daydream and meditate. And if it's at all possible,...

23 Sep 2016

You have a lot to do today, so it's time to get organised. The energy of The Emperor reminds you to use logic and structure throughout your day, as this will increase your success.

Make a plan and see it through. Keep your eyes firmly on what you need to achieve and...

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