31 Oct 2016

Today is Samhain, time to go within and let go of any aspects of your year that you do not want or need anymore. It's time to stop struggling, pushing or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and cause you to feel overwhelmed.

The Te...

30 Oct 2016

Here are your Faerie Messages for 31 October – 6 November 2016.

On Monday and Tuesday celebrate yourself by celebrating your ancestors. On Wednesday and Thursday it's about finding the right mix of doing things for others and doing things for yourself. At the weeken...

30 Oct 2016

Samhain inaugurates winter. It is the last harvest festival and brings summer to an end.

The sun god is dying and goes underground, to be re-born on the winter solstice, so it is a celebration of reincarnation.

The harvest has been gathered, the animals have been b...

30 Oct 2016

Today is the New Moon, a great time for manifesting your desires. In the Northern Hemisphere it's a Black Moon, where everything is amplified. Those intense energies are felt all around the world.

The Nine of Spring reminds you to clear and shield your energy – clea...

29 Oct 2016

It's time to get organised. You will be able to increase your success greatly by listening to your heart. There is no need to push, struggle or force things to happen. The energy of the Emperor reminds you that the Universe is on your side – always!

By having compas...

28 Oct 2016

Today you may be feeling as though you are in an incompatible environment to your own. It feels as though some other energy is forced upon your own. This can cause feelings of annoyance in you and may make you a tad grumpy.

The energy of the Five of Spring reminds y...

27 Oct 2016

Today is your day to shine. A rather unexpected situation that helps your creativity to flow may occur. The energy of the King of Spring reminds you that you have the enthusiasm, confidence and flair to take this leading role.

It's safe for you to jump in and create...

26 Oct 2016

Today is about cutting out any unnecessary actions and getting on with the task in hand. The energy of Release wants to remind you not to let the past block you from what you have set out to achieve.

No matter what happened back then, you are now a different person...

25 Oct 2016

This week you progress from being distracted and release all that no longer serves your highest good to taking your life in your own hands and building a successful future for yourself. Be inspired by the New Moon on Sunday and let her empower you to start writing...

25 Oct 2016

Today something triggers a memory from your childhood, something that you had long forgotten. The energy of the Six of Summer wants to remind you to look at it as objectively as possible and not to get too drawn into it.

It comes up so that you can extract the lesso...

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