30 Nov 2016

Today clear, decisive and quick decisions need to be made. What have you been trying to avoid? The first situation that comes to mind as you read this is the one where action is required.

The Prince of Winter wants to remind you that even though clarity is needed, p...

29 Nov 2016

All three of these cards jumped right out of the deck together today, so this reading is in three parts:

1. Situation: You've been there, done that and have the scars to prove it. You have really had a tough time of late, and now it's time to stop, breathe and let i...

28 Nov 2016

Today you have some good news coming your way. Some kind of announcement that you will be very happy about. The Three of Summer reminds you to celebrate and cherish this moment.

Even though this is really good news, and lets face it, you've been waiting for this, re...

27 Nov 2016

A New Moon is always a new beginning, a fresh start, a time to manifest your desires. Think of it as a blank page that you can write your dreams onto. As it propels forward, the energy is uplifting and energising.

With the New Moon in the energetic sign of Sagittari...

27 Nov 2016

What a fabulous week this week is going to be. On Monday and Tuesday things really get moving and everything is starting to fall into place. On Wednesday and Thursday you're having a bit of a panic, but don't worry, there is someone to call on for help and advice....

27 Nov 2016

Whatever you would like to do, make a plan of action today. Just sitting and thinking “wouldn't it be nice if ...” or “if only I had ...” keeps you from actually achieving anything.

Okay, so you've had what feels like a setback and this has you confused on how to pr...

26 Nov 2016

You are always so pre-occupied with telling others your point of view, explaining yourself or getting sidetracked through watching television, reading, your mobile or the computer. You are bombarded with noise and information from all sides, anything so that you ar...

25 Nov 2016

Spread your wings and fly dear one. You are here for a very special reason and it's time to really embrace your uniqueness and follow your true purpose.

The Dreamer reminds you that you already know what this is, but you have been concerned about what others may thi...

24 Nov 2016

Today is about walking away from any kind of suffering. Meaning the suffering you think you need to do because of what you have endured or have or haven't done.

The Three of Summer reminds you that life should be celebrated. Every moment is precious and should be li...

23 Nov 2016

A woman is trying to swoop into your life today to make your dreams come true, and with that wish she may just overstep all of your boundaries. This may cause any unhealed feelings towards a close female friend or relative to resurface in you.

The Queen of Autumn re...

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