31 Jan 2017

Name: Sacral or Spleen Chakra

Colour: Orange

Location: Between the genitals and the pubic bone

This Chakra controls our creativity, sexuality, procreation, emotions, desire and pleasure. It’s associated with our genitalia, the lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulat...

31 Jan 2017

You are highly addicted to drama and so you create one dramatic situation in your life after another to feed your addiction. This my friend is a dangerous road to travel, as it stops you from seeing all the good that is already in your life.

Today is no different, y...

30 Jan 2017

Today you are deciding that some major life changes are in order to get you out of your slump. You’ve been wanting to make these changes for a while and have been trying, but only halfheartedly.

But today the wish to lead a more meaningful life is stronger than ever...

30 Jan 2017

Name: Base or Root Chakra

Colour: Red

Location: base of the spine

This Chakra represents how grounded we are, how we are connected and rooted within the earth and is linked to our ability to survive. It’s associated with the legs, feet, bones, adrenal glands and pelvi...

30 Jan 2017

As the Lotus Flower emerges from deep, dark, sludgy, slimy and murky waters, this week you are going through something similar. To get to know yourself fully and understand what you truly want out of life, you have to go inwards, into the deepest, darkest corners o...

29 Jan 2017

Goodbye January and hello to the month of February. What a fabulous month this is going to be. This February every single day of the week will occur 4 times each. This only happens every 823 years and is seen as a time of great fortune! Happy February everyone!


29 Jan 2017

A dose of clearsightedness is needed today, as a sudden turn of events will happen, something you’ve not been expecting. There is no need to worry though, as this challenge can easily be solved by logical thinking.

Let the Prince of Winter inspire you to act quickly...

28 Jan 2017

Whatever you are giving birth to, whatever your idea is, there is no need to tell others about it just yet. Actually, it would be rather ill advised if you did. Your idea needs you to nurture it until it is strong and fully grown.

The Nine of Spring wants to remind...

27 Jan 2017

As the New Moon energy is with us, the time has come for a new chapter to start. Forget your well laid plans, there are changes afoot and something brand new is emerging. Something much more creative and much more You!

Let the Empress inspire you to give birth to a...

26 Jan 2017

Yesterday the Wheel really got things moving, but not as you had imagined it would happen. You did receive a surprise, just very different to what you had thought it might be. At the end of the day you were feeling rather low.

Let the Queen of Spring inspire you to...

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