28 Feb 2017

Today is all about sharing what you know, what you have learned, what you have made. You are very caught up in competitive thinking – not wanting to share your knowledge with anyone.

Competitive thinking comes from the Ego. As the Ego doesn’t like change and wants e...

27 Feb 2017

Today you are on the defensive. You don’t want to listen – not to your body, not to your intuition, not to good advice. Your Ego has taken over your way of thinking and you are finding everything really difficult.

The Seven of Spring reminds you to stand up for your...

27 Feb 2017

This week is all about service. The service that comes straight from the heart, divine service to yourself and others.

The need to be needed is Ego based. This need to jump straight in and help, whether this help is wanted or needed or not, comes from your Ego.

As th...

26 Feb 2017

It is a very powerful week with many intense energies. This week is all about service that comes from the heart. And to know your heart guidance, you will learn to distinguish between your Ego based thoughts and Divine guidance. Most Ego guidance starts with “I …”...

26 Feb 2017

The Sparrowhawk comes into your life to cleanse and clear your thoughts that were all jumbled up. Now there is peace. But beware, this may only last a moment. Use this moment wisely and really go deep within to take a good look at what you know in this moment of co...

26 Feb 2017

You are trying to avoid the truth about a situation, so you are pretending it doesn’t exist. What are you refusing to look at? Your adamant refusal to acknowledge this truth to yourself is cutting you off from Love. You are putting up barriers to keep yourself shie...

25 Feb 2017

Today is all about teamwork. You will be much more productive if you work with others that share your enthusiasm about what you do.

Let the Three of Autumn guide you to set aside some time for planning and preparation on building your team. Detailed planning will en...

24 Feb 2017

“It might seem crazy what I am about to say, Sunshine she's here, you can take a break” these lyrics by Pharrell Williams came straight into my head when I looked at the card this morning. Happiness truly is your truth today.

It’s going to be one of those days where...

23 Feb 2017

Today is all about letting go of judgments about other people and yourself. Not everyone can, is able to or wants to share your vision of the world. And that is okay.

Trying to impose your point of view onto others is wasted energy. You can use this energy much more...

22 Feb 2017

Today is all about checking in with yourself to see if everything is on track. Sometimes it’s good to make sure that both feet are still on the ground and we don’t feel superior to others in any way.

As we all have free will choice which incorporates having an ego,...

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