30 Jun 2017

Ten of Air

Today is all about accepting your circumstances exactly as they are. No playing the martyr, no feeling sorry for yourself. The more you accept your part in what is happening, the easier it is to allow this change to take place.

Even though you find it diff...

29 Jun 2017

THE MOON shows you that you are projecting fear that is based on past experiences into your present situation and into your future. All of the feelings that you have been bottling-up for quite some time are causing inner disturbances which are becoming overwhelming...

28 Jun 2017

Take some time today to ponder what you are trying to hide from yourself by burying it deep in your subconscious. Have you had any strange dreams recently? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something?

There is an unwillingness on your part to deal with some re...

27 Jun 2017

To find your real Strength, the kind of strength that comes out of a place of Love and Compassion, it is necessary for you to really let go of any harsh judgments about yourself and others.

Being very conscious of your instinctual urges and reactions will help you a...

26 Jun 2017

Something isn’t right today and you may need to be cautious. Something is going on that you are unaware of, that can bring your best laid plans to an abrupt halt. Most of the time the person standing in your way is You!

You may be finding it difficult to take the fi...

26 Jun 2017


It is the height of summer, all around you everything is in full bloom. Try and spend as much time outside in nature as you can possibly manage.

The more time you spend outside, especially among flowers, breathing in their healing scent, the happier you...

25 Jun 2017

See the Faerie Messages first on Facebook Live.

This week the Faeries encourage you to spend as much time as you can possibly manage outdoors. Really breathe in the healing scent of the flowers around you.

In the 3-Card-Reading Claudia will discuss

1.) What will help...

25 Jun 2017

Today you are feeling pressured, by yourself and those around you. The Five of Fire indicates that you are trying to work through some personal issues and are confronted with strong views on this matter by those around you. This is causing a lot of tension and disa...

24 Jun 2017

Sometimes it is very hard to understand the deeper meaning of why something has occurred. It’s time to really accept the responsibility for your own situation and realise that you are here through your own past choices.

Painful experiences have left blockages in you...

23 Jun 2017

A New Moon is always a new beginning, a fresh start, a time to manifest your desires. Think of it as a blank page that you can write your dreams onto. As it propels forward, the energy is uplifting and energizing.

This New Moon is in the intuitive, loyal and emotion...

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