31 Jul 2017

LUGHNASADH is a celebration of the Sun and the Earth and what they have achieved together. The fields are golden, and the fruit is ripe. It's the time of the first harvest.

We give thanks to Mother Earth and all of her Helpers and to Father Sky for providing us...

31 Jul 2017


Simplify your life. You always make things so complicated and overthink everything. You have a tendency to interpret meanings into things that aren’t even there, and then you get upset over nothing.

Children don’t do that. They see the world as magic through...

31 Jul 2017

There is a really old belief system anchored within you, that success is fine for others, but not for the likes of you. So, every time things are starting to go really well, you press the self-sabotage button and start interpreting things into situations that aren’...

30 Jul 2017

This week we are reminded to simplify our life and try to see the world as magic through the innocent eyes of a child. Letting go of over-complicating and overthinking everything will help us notice all of the little miracles that happen in our lives daily.

In the 3...

30 Jul 2017

You need your wild, natural self just as much as you need the civilized self, which is shaped by your culture as a result of your upbringing and education. If you melt these two parts together, you reach your full STRENGTH, as you are in much deeper contact with yo...

29 Jul 2017

Each sunrise holds the promise of a new day, a new beginning, a fresh start, a second chance to get it right, whatever it may be. It holds a beautiful gift, the gift of a brand-new day and who knows what you can accomplish today.

Even though there have been some ste...

28 Jul 2017

When the same card shows up more than once, it means that there is a message from it that still needs addressing. Every card has many aspects to it and when you feel into it, you know which meaning is significant for you.

Today you are full of vitality, enthusiasm,...

27 Jul 2017

With the energetic gateways opening, we are all entering a phase where we are shedding more and more of our unauthentic selves. We are becoming more aware of who we really are and what we would like to do.

The PAGE OF WATER shows that you are opening your heart and...

26 Jul 2017

When you open your mind to Love, you will find a shift taking place. In the beginning, it may feel different to what you are used to, but keep going. The more you pour Love into your being, the more you will find that fear has no more room.

We have all cultivated li...

26 Jul 2017

"A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to Love" (A Course in Miracles). A miracle is a change in your mind from being closed off to the presence of Love, to being open to experience it.

There is a real change happening within you, about the way you look at th...

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