30 Sep 2017

When changes occur,

I comfort you.

I am she,

who is there

on your side,

by your side.

The wind blows about,

the world changes

with every blow,

every breath.

Embrace what comes,

I am with you.

Go with it,

run with it,

flow with it.

I am she,

who is there,

throughout all of it.

As the...

29 Sep 2017

When your Self is separate from your True Self it leads to a soul fracture that can only be healed by looking at your shadows. You fear these shadows because you misunderstand their purpose.

You fear your dark moments and loathe your shadows, but this is exactly whe...

28 Sep 2017

The Divine Feminine is rising – and for her to be balanced she needs the pure male energy, the Divine Masculine, to stand by her side. An equal partner, her King Consort, as without one there is no other.

The pure divine male energy has been hijacked and mixed with...

27 Sep 2017

GOOSE asks you to stay absolutely true to yourself whatever happens. It’s time for you to really look inward, as only within can you find out what is important to you and if the path you are currently on is actually your own and not what you think others are expect...

26 Sep 2017

For weeks now this subject has been on my mind and I have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about blogging about it. Today seems to be the right time to do this.

Many things have been written about the ‘Twin Flame Phenomenon’, you can find lots of articles on the internet an...

26 Sep 2017

THE FOOL can be optimistic, open to new beginnings and full of potential – but he can also be foolish, naive, irrational and gullible. There is something on your mind, something you would like to happen, and you are ready and waiting to take that leap of faith.


25 Sep 2017

Today’s tarot card had a very specific message about one of the shadow sides of ourselves. After first receiving this message, I wasn’t sure whether I should actually post it, as I thought it was quite harsh. I also felt caught out, as though everyone would be able...

25 Sep 2017

You are a strong and energetic person, who is very generous. But sometimes you completely overstep the mark and this passion turns into manipulation. Especially when you start to interfere with things that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

You have a habit of...

24 Sep 2017

A message directly from Queen Oonagh:

"Sometimes you get stuck in a reality that isn’t real and only exists in your own head. That is okay, as long as you know this to be so. When you start believing it in your waking hours, then things may start to get difficult.


23 Sep 2017

Sometimes when a new chance knocks on the door you retreat, as you feel much safer in your comfort zone. Even though you do not like it and more often than not it makes you sad and you have a feeling of being burnt out, it seems safer than the unknown.

Nerves, condi...

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