31 Oct 2017

If you are open to it, today will be very magical for you. The energies that are around can be constructive or destructive, depending on how you use them, so use them wisely.

When you allow yourself to assess your passion and strengths truthfully, you will receive t...

30 Oct 2017

It is the last harvest festival, brings summer to an end and with that inaugurates winter. The sun god is dying and goes underground, to be re-born on the winter solstice, so it is a celebration of reincarnation. The harvest has been gathered, the animals have been...

30 Oct 2017

This week we all have an important decision coming our way. As every decision we take will affect many people around us for a long time to come, it is very important to be completely honest with ourselves so that the decision we take sits well within us.

In the 3-Ca...

30 Oct 2017

Today is all about getting to know yourself better. There is knowledge about how, what and why you have certain belief systems hidden deep within you, in your unconscious. And you yourself hold the key that will open the door to this wisdom.

Allowing yourself to be...

29 Oct 2017

Today is all about watching the bigger picture unfold all by itself. Even though being a spectator on the sidelines maybe hard for you, it is exactly what is needed right now.

You have been projecting and trying to impose your very own feelings and beliefs onto thos...

28 Oct 2017

Something has annoyed you and you cannot shake it off. It may be time for you to address it openly.

Be very clear in your communication with those around you, so that no further misunderstandings occur. Also, think about giving others plenty of space to voice their...

27 Oct 2017

Memories are stirring, memories of a time when you thought that life was much simpler. Long summers, the smell of freshly cut grass, playing by the stream … and then – what happened to that innocent part of you?

Fear not, it is still there within your heart. It has...

26 Oct 2017

There is a courage deep within you, to do what needs to be done. Your inner warrior queen is rising. You are now ready to take away the lies you have been telling yourself, leave behind the deceit and walk into the wound with open eyes.

It is here, while taking a go...

25 Oct 2017

Sometimes you meet up with a person from a past life, to heal and finish what had been started then, in a kind and loving way.

As the wounds that you had inflicted upon them and they upon you ran deep and couldn’t be healed in that life, you meet up again purely for...

24 Oct 2017

There are two sides to every coin, just like there are two sides to you, the yin and yang. This is especially evident, when you identify a quality in others that you don’t like, as this points to a shadow within yourself that you haven’t embraced as yet.

Accepting t...

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