30 Nov 2017

Today it is very important for you to establish and maybe re-draw clear boundaries to protect your treasures. These are not just your valuables, money or property, they are also your wisdom, experience and talents.

Don’t give those away lightly, as this will draw en...

29 Nov 2017

The Prophet speaks – can you hear her? Can you feel her within you? The tingling sensations, the butterflies? These are all signs of messages you are receiving. Feel the Goddess, she is around you and within you.

She speaks to you directly through the feelings that...

28 Nov 2017

Miracles happen every day, most of the time you are just so caught up in everyday life or focusing on something else, that you don’t even realise it. Every time your perception shifts from fear to love, from anger to compassion, you experience a miracle.

We have a t...

27 Nov 2017

With one opinion that you will not back away from no matter what, you have hardened your heart and mind, stopping the flow of life within you. No matter what you are trying to work on or achieve, it can’t move forward, as when you harden one part, it stops you from...

26 Nov 2017

Through all of your experiences and studies you have become rich in knowledge and wisdom. You have been dreaming about sharing this knowledge with others, but so far have shied away from making a real impact.

It’s time to stop just daydreaming about it and actually...

26 Nov 2017

This week is all about birthing something new – a new project, a new relationship, or even a whole new You.

The Three-Card-Reading will help you understand:

1. What will help you this week

2. What may hinder you

3. What is your unrealised potential

Love & Blessings


25 Nov 2017

Life can seem hard and unfair at times, feeling as though you are always struggling in one way or another. Acknowledge the feelings of fear, anger or doubt this brings up, use them to re-think your strategies and set boundaries, but don’t get stuck in them.

Allow yo...

24 Nov 2017

For some reason you are dwelling on what eludes you, concentrating all of your thoughts, time and effort to make it happen. But, the harder you try, the more it seems to move away from you.

Procrastination and old habits have become your comfort and you are unwillin...

23 Nov 2017

No matter the situation that arises today, showing Gratitude towards it will help you analyse it, attain clarity and gain a new perspective. When you are truly thankful for the lessons life offers you, it helps you move forward by reaching for solutions.

Gratitude w...

22 Nov 2017

The colours you surround yourself with have a profound effect on the way you feel. Colour is light and light is energy. Sir Isaac Newton discovered that each colour is made up of a single wavelength.

This means that each colour or colour combination vibrates at a pa...

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