31 Jan 2018

The Wheel of the Year it turns, as we start the Imbolc celebrations. The Earth is awakening, a smell of Spring is in the Air. The Light is getting stronger, our mind is getting clearer. It’s time for a clear-out, a spring clean of our body, mind and soul.

Today is t...

30 Jan 2018

There is a never-ending outpouring of love all around you, but sometimes you find it hard to feel and notice it. When you think of love, you think of a partner, a lover, someone to share your life with, but love is so much more than that.

Try not to keep love small,...

29 Jan 2018

This week is a big week. We have a Full Blue Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday, 31 January and also the celebration of Imbolc starting at dusk. Welcome the light, accept the light, awaken the light within you and allow it to shine out of you. Our G...

29 Jan 2018

As the Full Moon is the completion of a cycle, it is traditionally a time to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Let the light shine on everything that is interfering with your path and release what is blocking you.

This time we have a Blue...

29 Jan 2018

Today this card is a reminder to think carefully before spending any money. Do you really need what you have your eye on? Is it a necessity? Are you only thinking of others and going without yourself or are you completely selfish, not wanting to share?

There is a mi...

28 Jan 2018

Not everything always works out how you envision it, especially if it involves other people. Today you may experience quite a setback. Something you had been looking forward to and sort of taken for granted will not fulfill your expectation.

You have been yearning f...

27 Jan 2018

Whatever you desire, today is the day you should make your move and go for it. Be assertive, be daring, be courageous and confident in our actions. You have what it takes to conquer tension, division and contradictions and reach big goals.

There is no need to wait a...

26 Jan 2018

Good fortune and success in all forms comes down to self-belief – how worthy you feel and how much you allow into your life.

There is an old belief system within you telling you that you are not worthy of love, of pretty things, of living the life you want. This bel...

25 Jan 2018

To be able to grow, it is most helpful to assess your moral and ethical values now and then and see if they still fit in with your beliefs. This is best achieved in discussion with others, which may be a challenge in itself.

Although it is a healthy challenge that y...

24 Jan 2018

Sometimes things happen that leave you with more questions than answers. You just want to understand it all and make sense of it. The Hierophant invites you to search for the deeper meaning on all three levels, mind, body and spirit.

This requires faith and deep tru...

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