28 Feb 2018

As the Full Moon is the completion of a cycle, it is traditionally a time to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Let the light shine on everything that is interfering with your path and let go what is blocking you.

This Full Moon is in the...

28 Feb 2018

Today you need a pause in action to reconsider your options, to take stock where you are and how exactly you would like to move forward. The big question is: Do you want to?!? This entanglement you are feeling is voluntary, as you are refusing to benefit from the n...

27 Feb 2018

You have been stumbling through life, not really able to express your purpose, what you came here to do to its full extent. You have an idea, a vision, a dream, but so far you haven’t had the courage to really go for it. Today it’s time to start restructuring your...

26 Feb 2018

This week is all about letting go of old stale energy, no matter how familiar it is, so that you can open up to the practical guidance and new creative ideas this Full Moon in Virgo is bringing in.

The Three-Card-Reading will help you understand:

1. What will help yo...

26 Feb 2018

You follow your heart and your dreams, the challenge here is not to tap into the trap of illusion and emotional dishonesty. It is also much more difficult to act when the majority of your attention is in dreamland. This may lead to a conflict between the feelings o...

25 Feb 2018

You strive to live a happy and fulfilled life, as you know deep within you that all life is based on love and with that the realisation of your dream is possible. Love is your true nature, your source, your inheritance. Yet it has nothing to do with possession, obs...

24 Feb 2018

Today it is decision time for you, but which path will you take? There is a conflict going on inside of you about something near and dear to your heart and you have been trying to avoid making a decision by leaving it up to someone else. This isn’t going to work, b...

23 Feb 2018

The Lady comes to you today to remind you that all of the relationships in your life – be they with your parents, your child, your family, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, or your pets – serve as a mirror to yourself. They help you recognise the parts o...

22 Feb 2018

Life if full of cycles, sometimes up, sometimes down, but ever changing and moving forward. Resisting the changes that are happening to you right now is like swimming against the tide, extremely hard and utterly exhausting.

Trust in the process of life. The more you...

21 Feb 2018

As you are going through a major transformation right now, those around you may find you difficult to communicate with. They are not used to the way you have changed and my find it odd that you know do things differently from before. This is quite a normal reaction...

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