31 May 2018

When you are feeling trapped or stuck in any way, the key to freeing yourself is in going within and connecting with your Guardian Angel. He will help you see things from a higher perspective and soon you will be able to formulate new ideas that will give you the c...

30 May 2018

Today you may come across some kind of competitive thinking within yourself or others. Someone is playing games and trying to involve you with it, so be mindful to realign with your guides and guardians and try not to be drawn into any gossip or backstabbing.


29 May 2018

Today you are reminded that you are doing a great job, so don’t give up now. Yes, things are changing within you and around you, but by staying true to yourself and allowing these changes to unfold you will be successful.

Pietersite connects you to your inner guidan...

28 May 2018

The circle is complete – it’s the Full Moon – and now it’s time to release all that no longer serves you. The light shines on that which is interfering with your path and illuminating that which is blocking you.

This Full Moon is in the curious, independent and hone...

28 May 2018

This week is all about not allowing the fear of others draw you, letting go of pain and heartache from the past and new opportunities coming your way.

The Three-Card-Reading will help you understand:

1. What will help you this week

2. What may hinder you

3. What is you...

28 May 2018

It is time for you to sit in the seat of your own power, to fully step into your purpose and take wise action in moving forward. Remember: The devil is in the detail, so even though this may seem simple at first, it will take time, effort, vision, consistency and p...

27 May 2018

At the moment you are still going through a transitional phase and even though it doesn’t always feel like it, this is a really good time for you, as all that no longer serves you is falling away, one by one.

Even though as humans we like to hold on to what we love,...

26 May 2018

Today you will become aware that a situation you thought to be appealing, exciting or romantic turns out to be something very different indeed leaving you rather disappointed. But this realisation helps you see your world through energised eyes and is a big step fo...

25 May 2018

Today it is important for you to be independent and listen to the wisdom within yourself, as this way you will be able to avoid any kind of intrigue going on around you. When you are bombarded with other people’s opinion, it is wise to think things through carefull...

24 May 2018

Love is your greatest power, your greatest strength and coupled with truth it is unbeatable. The Empress brings up something that has been hidden for you to be able to see it, assess it, understand it, work with it and share it with those around you.

Malachite has a...

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