22 Jun 2018

You are a unique and beautiful being, please don’t hide your light. Shine it out into this world in your very own individual and distinctive style. Take a look around you – there is so much for you to enjoy - so sing, dance, express yourself creatively and allow yo...

21 Jun 2018

For you to be able to concentrate on your work it is important that you purge something old and unhealthy. Walking away from this will bring about a real shift in your consciousness, helping you focus all of your efforts on doing what needs to be done and following...

20 Jun 2018

You cannot swim life’s waters and embrace true joy if your arms are filled with bad memories and feelings from the past. Walking away from these fears will help you transform your life and soon you will start to notice that doors you had never even seen before are...

19 Jun 2018

You have been trying to solve certain situations the same way over and over again without much success. So, doing more of the same will also bring the same results. Today try to come up with some new ideas, be clever and creative, think outside of the box and you m...

18 Jun 2018

This summer solstice week is all about getting out of your comfort zone and leaving fears, doubts and worries behind to fly high.

The Three-Card-Reading will help you understand:

1. What will help you this week

2. What may hinder you

3. What is your unrealised potentia...

18 Jun 2018

Today is all about building a balanced and equal relationship between you and another person. This can be a loved one, a close friend or a business partner. This new journey together can be emotionally very supportive, when both of you nurture and nurse it equally.


17 Jun 2018

We all like to be in familiar surroundings with thoughts and feelings that make us feel comfortable, even if deep down we know that they are not doing us any good at all. It’s hard to actually make the decision to break out of this comfort zone.

Today this decision...

16 Jun 2018

To be a Sovereign doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone else or live a life of luxury, it means that you walk your talk, lead by example, pay it forward, empower others, are a caretaker, carry yourself with dignity, and so on.

When you embrace your own life f...

15 Jun 2018

Have you been sugar-coating relationships in your life? If you want respectful relationships, be they partnerships, lovers, friendships or family relationships, it’s important for you to be honest with yourself about how others are treating you.

The way others treat...

14 Jun 2018

You are always there to love and support others, but sometimes you need to give this love and support to yourself. Enjoy today without feeling guilty, enjoy today and do something nice just for You. Nurture yourself, be loving and kind and maybe even treat yourself...

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