31 Jul 2018

Today you are called to check in with yourself, observe your own thoughts and see where you have been deceiving yourself. Lying to yourself stops you from learning a very valuable lesson, feeling the emotions associated with this lesson and it closes your heart.


30 Jul 2018

Sometimes you feel lost, as though you don’t quite belong here. You find this world unkind and even cruel and cannot understand why it is like this. You have closed off your heart to this harshness – but this also means that you have closed off your heart to love.


29 Jul 2018

This week is about opening to the awareness of the Goddess, her healing power and the never-ending stream of abundance she bestows upon us every single day. You are one with all of creation, all of nature. You are not separate from it of above it. Trust in the flow...

29 Jul 2018

We are all part of one creation, energetically interconnected and therefore, what affects one also affects the whole. It is through the other that you see what you otherwise cannot see. Seeing through their eyes gives you a whole new perspective on any situation.


28 Jul 2018

Today you are called to be grateful for all of your feelings, visions, dreams and intuitive insights this powerful Eclipse Moon has brought forward. No matter what they are, be thankful that you have received them, as they are a part of you and they want to be hear...

27 Jul 2018

You hold within you an old belief and a fear of anything different and new. You think of them as challenges to be afraid of, to run away from or to fight against. You think of life as all messed up and a struggle, so this is what you do, fight and struggle.

What if...

26 Jul 2018

It’s not just the Full Moon in Aquarius, but also the longest total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century. The Lunar Eclipse focuses your attention inwards on your emotions, helping you release and let go of all that no longer serves you.

This Full Moon is in the unconv...

26 Jul 2018

Today you will gain a very clear view, allowing you to be able to perceive a situation as it really is. This focus enables you to free yourself from a situation or bond that is harmful to you and that no longer serves you. (Ace of Swords)

As you learn to trust in th...

25 Jul 2018

You find it difficult to trust yourself and the flow of life, as you have lost your ability to really be in sync with the rhythm of nature and her seasons. You are always trying to get by and obsess about money and not having enough of it.

In this rat race the impor...

24 Jul 2018

Today heralds great change within, providing you are prepared to do the work. Clearing your energy field and bringing together your masculine and feminine energies, combining the doing and the receiving, helps you surrender to the flow of life and trusting the Divi...

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