30 Sep 2018

Being your true authentic self is the biggest gift you can give to the world. So, while you are going through uncovering who you truly are by peeling back layer after layer of conditioning and programming, the best thing you can do is show yourself compassion.

Be ki...

29 Sep 2018

Yes, this is happening. Just like in the weekly energy reading (Messages from the Fae) we have the same card as last Saturday. This means that we are receiving a lot of help from our guides and guardians to point us in the right direction.

Approximately every 2 ½ da...

28 Sep 2018

Today Hestia reminds you that your own home fire is burning deep within you, so that you can truly be at home anywhere you are. Keeping this fire within you alive will help you feel safe, protected and well. This is your place of true inner strength.

From here you c...

27 Sep 2018

Today brings you the fabulous opportunity to overcome an old problem that has plagued you for a long time. When you allow yourself to be filled with the cosmic energy of unconditional love, then there is no room for anything else within your being.

This beautiful en...

26 Sep 2018

You are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say, I want it that way (Backstreet Boys). 

Yes, you are all that and more and owning who you are is what it’s all about today. Your true power lies in being completely yourself, flaws and all, no matter what anyone e...

25 Sep 2018

Sometimes you have to take a chance and do something completely different to be able to continue your healing journey. The Page of Wands has a message about this for you today that you should really grab with both hands.

Be open to the impulses that will come your w...

24 Sep 2018

Today presents a great opportunity for you to let go of the drama in your life and it will feel really good to finally be free. This process begins in your head, by you making the decision that enough is enough.

The thing is, you don’t need to live in constant drama...

23 Sep 2018

As I have laryngitis and can’t speak, I had to get creative

Happy Autumn everyone and happy Harvest Moon in Aries – on the night of Monday/Tuesday 24/25 September. A potentially transformative Full Moon that can lead you towards wisdom. Fiery Aries will help you dea...

23 Sep 2018

Healing and clearing the wounds of many lifetimes takes perseverance, persistence and most of all patience. You are not just clearing them for yourself, but also for your ancestral lineage and this takes some doing.

This process may bring up something you would rath...

22 Sep 2018

Discovering far more about your true hidden self, the one you run and hide from, can restore your life to harmony and balance, one step at a time. Becoming aware of this isn’t easy and you may need outside help to get there.

Getting to know your Moon Sign will give...

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