31 Oct 2018

Today Temperance calls on you to be more tactful than usual, more patient and mindful of the situations that are going on around you, as you go about your day. Even if your day is hectic, staying balanced will help you gain great insights.

Honouring your ancestors a...

30 Oct 2018

Okay, so the Ten of Swords is still with us today. Just like ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, this kind of deep awareness will not come to you in a day, it takes its time and comes in bit by bit. Be patient with yourself and notice all of the feelings that are showing...

29 Oct 2018

Today you are called to summon up the courage to see the truth, to hear what is really being said, as this will make it easier for you to accept that something is well and truly over. No matter what you say or try to do, you cannot change it. This is how things are...

28 Oct 2018

Today Mother Mary wants you to take a chance, be open to new prospects and ideas, enjoy the ride and take one day at a time. It’s okay for you to take that leap of faith and if you fall, she will help you put a supportive arm around your own shoulders, give yoursel...

27 Oct 2018

Today Melusine and Nimue are here to hand you a key that will open the door to who you truly are. They want to encourage you to change your perception of those parts of you that you don’t like and make a commitment to yourself to be who you are with compassion and...

26 Oct 2018

Yemaya calls you today to surrender to your heart, trusting what is changing, folding and unfolding, trusting that you are safe being here. Surrender to being human, allowing yourself to feel all of the feeling this brings with it, no matter what they are.


25 Oct 2018

Today the King of Pentacles wants you to know that ‘errāre hūmānum est’ meaning ‘to err is human’. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how we deal with ourselves in the aftermath and what we take from it that is important.

Are you a stubborn person who doesn’t like to ad...

24 Oct 2018

Today is the Full Moon and the Ace of Pentacles beckons you to drink from the well of pure potential. It is there, all around you – look at it, feel it, see it – and then write it down as a statement. What are your goals in the next month/6 month/year/5 years?


23 Oct 2018

The Empress calls you today to open your heart and plant seeds of compassion wherever you are. This helps you experience your interconnectedness with everyone and everything on this beautiful planet.

Giving your full attention to someone, the simple act of listening...

22 Oct 2018

As long as we are living in this human form of ours we are an apprentice of life. Learning, growing, flowing, expanding, ever changing and ever becoming. Staying flexible and adapting to whatever each situation requires.

The Three of Pentacles encourages you to lear...

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