30 Nov 2018

To be able to connect to the love that resides deep within us, we have to soften our judgemental side so that we can gain back the power of sympathy, compassion and mercy for ourselves as well as for others.

Eostre says that wholeness is nurtured when you embrace th...

29 Nov 2018

We have internalised separation so much that it becomes our story, our way of thinking, our way of living, our way of being. We see everything as separate, as individual, as autonomous, even ourselves from our divinity.

Karma wants to remind you today that if you ha...

28 Nov 2018

Today the Seven of Cups is here to remind you that there is nothing wrong with who you are. The illusion that you are somehow to blame for what life throws at you is just that – an illusion. Yes, life has its ups and downs, but that is the normal flow of the world.


27 Nov 2018

Today you can expect the unexpected. It is a day of great energy, bold moves, action and adventure. When the Knight of Wands shows up you can really expect things to get moving. He brings with him an air of excitement and change.

Open your heart to this day, focus o...

26 Nov 2018

Today’s message is very clear. Protect that which is yours. At this time of year, it’s easy to get sucked into the abyss of spending more money than you are actually able to. And also, because we are more charitable, more scammers prey on us, trying to part us with...

26 Nov 2018

This week we welcome another month and this time the last month of the year, December. We are now well and truly in Sagittarius season and the heaviness has lifted immensely. Our Card of the Week – Bull – brings this to the forefront, as he points out that true wea...

25 Nov 2018

There is a natural, spacious emptiness within us that we are conditioned into trying to fill with stuff from the outside world. Even spiritual stuff. Another book, another course, another … whatever it may be in your case.

But this emptiness is precious and very muc...

24 Nov 2018

Melusine is here to remind you today that even though it can be difficult at times, being yourself is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and others. Being you, expressing you, letting you shine. Allow yourself to be, warts and all.

There is nothing you nee...

23 Nov 2018

Eostre brings a breath of fresh air into your life today. It’s been heavy going up to now, but this beautiful Goddess of Spring and new beginnings ignites your own wisdom and opens up your creative senses.

Can you feel the excitement building within you? There is a...

22 Nov 2018

Today the Sun is here to remind you to make things as easy for yourself as possible. Go back to you and start enjoying your relationship with yourself. You’ve done so well, have achieved so much that you can truly be proud of.

Go back to basics and start enjoying yo...

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