23 Jan 2019

Not everything has worked out as you had envisaged, but then again, the process of germination isn't over. You may just be too impatient. Things are still growing and changing underground, in the darkness, in the stillness.

Let the SEVEN OF PENTACLES take you on a...

22 Jan 2019

Within you is the fountain of infinite love, it is the source of all of your feelings and it is what connects you to the Divine. Sometimes this spring gets hidden underneath the rubble of life and you think that it has dried up. But this isn't so.

Today you are gi...

21 Jan 2019

This Full Super Moon Eclipse day grants you the gift of clarity on what you have been experiencing and where this is taking you. The energy surrounding you today is joyful, uplifting and fills you with hope and optimism.

Trust in what arises and what is disappeari...

20 Jan 2019

The powerful Full Super Moon Eclipse in Leo carries us into this week and brings with it a surge of power and passion to your decisions and helps you see your potential more clearly.

The Three-Card-Reading will help you understand

1. What will help you this week

2. Wh...

20 Jan 2019

Joy can only be found in the present moment. You can reminisce about nice things that happened to you in the past and look forward to enjoying them in the future, but the actual feeling if it only happens if you are completely present.

There is a business about you,...

19 Jan 2019

Sometimes you feel this void within yourself, a deep longing and yearning for love. And nothing that you try to do seems to fill it. So you start obsessing about what you believe to be missing and this has you going into 'if only' thinking.

You feel like an outsider...

18 Jan 2019

Learning to love and accept yourself takes time, requires patience and exploring what you need to feel safe. Focus your attention on the physical world, as it is here where both problem and solution lie.

While trying to learn what it takes for us to feel safe, we...

17 Jan 2019

Sometimes life happens, we get sidetracked and take a turn that takes us away from our path for a while. And that is okay. But now you have noticed that somewhere along the line you have swayed off course.

There is no reason to despair or feel guilty. These things h...

16 Jan 2019

Today it is important for you to rest – rest your mind by going into stillness, rest your body by nurturing it gently. This will allow your soul to show you the places where your energy is stuck, as you are able to notice what your mind is insisting on replaying.


15 Jan 2019

Your view of life is highly subjective and for some reason you are not willing to look at the opportunities that are being presented to you right now in the present moment. You are sulking and adamant that you want certain things to be just so. And you are not budg...

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