28 Feb 2019

You hold the divine spark within you, are an expression of the creator, a wakeful human with many gifts to share. You are a conscious being who feels and perceives, is fragile and imperfect, yet truly magnificent and magical, fluid and ever changing.

Your consciousn...

27 Feb 2019

The Wheel of the Year turns into Spring and brings with it good luck, new beginnings, growth and opportunities. The reset button has been pressed, so welcome every new start with a joyous celebration.

Be present in your life right now and appreciate what is being re...

26 Feb 2019

Whenever you attach your worth to things outside of yourself and your control, you create fear. A deep fear that makes you afraid of yourself and makes you hide that which you are uncomfortable with deep within yourself.

You can reclaim your magick by embracing, und...

25 Feb 2019

An imbalance is calling out to you today. Your energy is stuck and poverty consciousness is at the forefront. Have the courage and explore this feeling further, let it take you right to the core, so that you can gain the wisdom that is held there in this in-between...

24 Feb 2019

Today you will benefit from being willing to consider new suggestions and ideas with a passion to boldly go forward. Looking at things from a new perspective will help you think outside of the box when coming up with a new strategy.

Observe your situation with lovin...

23 Feb 2019

You are pining for and obsessing over the unknown, over that which you do not seem to have. You are resisting to bring up the fears this brings with it, thus creating a backlog of self-doubt which is feeding the inner frenzy of emotional guests that are not welcome...

22 Feb 2019

You are feeling sad and self-doubt is creeping in, as some news you are waiting for hasn’t arrived yet. This is making you feel out of balance and stressed. You fear that you are losing control of your thoughts and actions and do things you know are bad for you.


21 Feb 2019

Whatever your inner demon is, you have built an extremely unhealthy co-dependent relationship with it that is very draining on your energy and leaves you doubting yourself and weather your decision is actually worth it.

It is best for you to completely surrender you...

20 Feb 2019

Today Justice helps you to become aware of where you are holding grudges against yourself, where you are fighting yourself and/or where nagging doubts are eating away at you. This is undermining balance and harmony with you and with that compromising your well-bein...

19 Feb 2019

“Love, love changes everything…”, as Andrew Lloyd-Webber so eloquently put it in song, and it really does. Love helps you make good choices for your life. The more you love yourself, yes, it’s about self-love, the more you are able to make decisions for your highes...

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