Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

These crystals may help you to master any challenges that can surface during the retrograde period.

Choose one or more of these crystals intuitively, with the help of a pendulum, or by making a conscious decision based on their meaning.

Why can this Retrograde period be so challenging?

Several times a year it appears as though Mercury is moving backwards. This is an optical illusion. Because Mercury is closest to the Sun its orbit is much shorter than

Earth's. About three or four times a year Mercury speeds past Earth and then it seems as though he is travelling backwards.


What does this mean for you?

We are all influenced by Mercury Retrograde and the best thing to do during this period is to be flexible and to relax, rewind, reflect, review, revisit, re-evaluate, re-read, re-learn, re-work, re-organise, refresh, release and generally be patient, gentle, kind, loving and compassionate to yourself and others.


Mercury the Messenger is the ruler of Communication, Information, Travel, Contracts, Intellect, Awareness, Logic, Reasoning and Thinking. So if you experience some hiccups during this time, like your computer, tablet or mobile phone plays up, your bus or train is delayed, your baggage gets lost, remember: it's all part of the course, so be patient and take your time. Before you send off any form of written communication (emails, text messages, letters, etc.) or sign any contracts, please re-read them, just to make sure. Communication can be a bit difficult, so before you bite back, always give others the benefit of the doubt, and talk clearly in a way that can be understood, so it won't come to any misunderstandings.

Here are some ideas of which crystals may be helpful to you during this Retrograde period. Whatever works for you is the right crystal to choose.


Increases your self-determination and emotional balance, supports harmonious interaction of intellect and intuition.


Increases farsightedness and foresight, bestows perseverance, discipline, lightheartedness. Enhances clear communication.

Blue Lace Agate - hOIListically forward

Blue Lace Agate

Increases your ability to communicate on all levels, enhances rhetoric and self-expression, promotes your listening abilities, aids understanding and confiding. 

Flint crystal


Enhances understanding,  helps keep you calm and composed even under pressure, makes communicative and promotes listening abilities.

Magnesite - hOIListically forward


Helps you relaxes, aids patients, helps with nervousness, timidness and irritability, promotes the art of listening.

Nephrite - hOIListically forward


Brings balance to body, mind and spirit, protects against external pressure and aggressiveness, helps with indecision, doubt and senseless brooding.

Clear Quartz

Aids clarity and neutrality, strengthens personal point of view, improves memory, improves perceptive faculty, increases awareness and brings clarity in thinking, enhances energy flow to remove blockages or obstacles that lie in your path.

Rose Quartz raw and tumbled - hOIListically forward

Rose Quartz

Aids sensitivity, increases empathy, clearly illuminates personal needs and the desires of others and helps you distinguish between them. Opens your heart to receive and give unconditional love.

Smoky Quartz - hOIListically forward

Smoky Quartz

Aids relaxation, releases tension and helps with stress, enhances rational, realistic and pragmatic thought processes, is grounding and protects from external influences.

Snowflake Obsidian - hOIListically forward

Snowflake Obsidian

Helps you dispels fear and emotional blockages by supporting you to dig deep and helping buried trauma to surface slowly.

Tourmaline black, Schorl - hOIListically forward

Tourmaline, Black

Aids neutrality, promotes relaxation, eases stress, protects from external influences, assists in releasing fear, anxiety and chaotic energy, improves sleep, makes objective, clear, logical and rational.

Tourmaline Quartz - hOIListically forward

Tourmaline Quartz

Links polarities, instills strong sense of inner peace, helps resolve inner battles and conflicts, helps calmnerves, helps bring contrasts into harmony, releases tension.

Tree Agate - hOIListically forward

Tree Agate

Instills strong sense of inner peace,  incontestability, security, stability and perseverance even in unpleasant situations, helps accept and master challenges, helps calm nerves.

Turquoise - hOIListically forward


Brings harmony to mind, body and soul, instills a sense of inner peace, protects from external influences, helps recognise causes of happiness and unhappiness and master them.