Crystals for the New Moon

The New Moon is traditionally a time of new beginnings. You can press the refresh button and start over. A time to set your intentions, to plant the seed and manifest your dreams and visions.

Here are some ideas of which crystals may be helpful to you during the New Moon period. Whatever works for you is the right crystal to choose.


Makes carefree, strengthens belief in oneself

Orange Calcite

Self-confidence, promotes self-respect and confidence in ones abilities, promotes optimism without becoming unrealistic


Vigour, determination, relaxes, helps overcome obsessions and obstacles, helps make important decisions and tackle huge piles of work


Reflection, truth, sharpens intuition, brings forgotten memories to light and helps recognise illusions


Makes flexible, prompts one to envisage many possibilities and to choose a suitable one

Clear Quartz

Strengthens personal point of view, brings clarity in thinking

Rutilated Quartz

Helps develop new life concepts and face the future with optimism


Helps collect ones thoughts and concentrate them with great strength on a goal

Claudia Noble-Pyott

Tarot & Healing

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