Earth Healing Ritual

With this ritual you can harness the divine sacred feminine power of the nurturing, loving, caring and compassionate Earth Mother Goddess.

  • Collect 3 pebbles (you can also use rose quartz or clear quarts crystals if you wish)

  • Cleanse yourself and the area you are holding the ritual in by smudging the incense of your choice (i.e. sage or lavender)

  • Cast a circle of protection

  • Light a candle and maybe some incense

  • Call on your Goddess of choice and your Guardians and ask them to join you during this ritual

  • Meditate in this circle on what your 3 wishes are for Mother Earth (i.e. healing, love, peace, compassion, etc.)

  • Place the pebbles in front of you and bless them with your wishes for Mother Earth and all who live on her

  • Ask for the wishes or something better to become reality

  • Hold the pebbles in both hands while chanting or singing the Gayatri Mantra

  • Thank the Goddess and your Guardians for their protection, help and guidance

  • Dissolve the circle

Earth Healing Ritual - hOIListically forward

Take the pebbles to your sacred power place of choice, and present them to the guardian of this place with a little personal ritual, during which you bury the pebbles. Try to visit this place regularly for one year on the New Moon to light a candle, some incense and meditate for a while. This way your energy will support your wishes to become reality.