Energy Vampires - what are they and how to recognise them

There are people and places that can completely deplete you of your energy, without you at first being aware that this is happening.




Meeting and spending time with an energy vampire is exhausting, draining and extremely tiring. You literally feel sucked dry after spending time with one. Worst of all, you

Energy Vampires - hOIListically forward

may be feeling guilty for not wanting to be in their company or you may have thought that there was something wrong with You.


After spending time with an Energy Vampire, you can feel irritated, bored, threatened, tired, anxious, nauseous, depressed, overwhelmed, unworthy, stupid, unwell and completely drained of any energy.


You can come across these people anywhere, they can be partners, family members, friends, colleagues, clients, customers, neighbours, lovers or even strangers. They are emotionally immature individuals, who are literally unaware that not everyone and everything revolves around them.


They have no empathy, even though they portray themselves to the outside world as extremely empathic and very sensitive. Also, they have no sense of other people’s boundaries, yet protect their own very well, while making you believe that they are an open book. It is their great belief that they can just take what they feel they need without any regard for others.


They always expect others to help them and are extremely good at getting this help for free, as they are experts in having the world around them believe that they are extremely hard done by and people feel sorry for them. Yet, however much you give them, it is never enough and they constantly demand more, more attention, more of your time and more of your energy.


They appear to have a high opinion of you, they flatter you and tell you how good you are and how much they can learn from you. What at first seems like finding a friend, lover or a new client, soon turns out to be them ‘grooming’ you to use you for their own purposes.


As soon as you don’t tell them what they want to hear or stop them from ‘leaching’ your energy, the table turns and they slap everything you have ever talked about back in your face or use anything you’ve told them in confidence against you. They are masters of avoiding responsibility for their actions and their lives, and are actually unwilling to learn and grow.


Everything they experience is always someone else’s fault, never their own. They are constantly throwing blame at others and the world, unable and unwilling to see their own part in it in any way.

Once you have determined that you have energy vampires in your life, you can then decide how to proceed further.


If they are family members that are very close to you, or your boss and you don’t want to change your job, you can wear certain crystals, so they are not so draining on you. Read more here.


Also, you may want to recognise that their behaviour is not a reflection of anything You do, it’s who they are. You can take away their power over you by putting the focus on your self-worth and with that raising your vibration. The more you believe in yourself, the stronger you become, the more power you will have to keep them at bay.


If these people are friends, lovers, neighbours, clients or customers, you may want to rethink if you actually need them in your life at all. Know that you are allowed to walk away from anyone, no matter how close you once were.





There are also places that are very draining. These can be found anywhere. Normally these are places where many people have felt low, frightened, unwell, sick or where a lot of deaths occurred. These feelings are absorbed by the rocks and the earth of the place, who then emit them for hundreds and thousands of years to come.


Examples would be concentration camps, battle fields, prisons, all places where torture, abuse, traumatic incidents, fights, murders, etc. occurred. The area will absorb them deep into the earth and this will build up over time and become more and more negative.


When you come across a place like this it may make you feel drained, tired, exhausted, unwell, overwhelmed, stressed or even sick. Nothing seems to go right when you live or work in such a place. You tend to feel blocked in all ways and can’t seem to think straight.


When you live or work in such a place, you may want to think about getting professional help in clearing and healing your own and the energy that surrounds you. This can be achieved by various different earth healing methods.