Lion's Gate 8*8

Every year from 8 to 12 August a portal opens that connects us to the Universe at a much deeper Level. It’s called Lion’s Gate, as the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo at this time and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth.


Sirius awakens us to new frequencies and a higher consciousness, accelerating our potential and helps us activate our third eye chakra to tap into the limitless energy of our being.


This brings with it the potential for huge life altering changes to occur in all aspects of our lives. We may feel a deeper sense of being connected to the Universe and can tap into the wisdom and power it holds much easier.

Everything is up for review at this time, be it relationships, career, health, life purpose, etc. and you may feel encouraged to

Lion's Gate 8*8 - hOIListically forward

really go into yourself to see if the way you live your life is aligned with your higher truth.


The most important thing to focus on at this time is trust, as there is infinite Love, infinite Abundance, infinite energy, infinite time, etc. available to you. Meditation will help you to integrate this power, activating your chakras and allowing yourself to vibrate at a higher level.


The more you open your heart to receive this divine light, the more you are able to shine. Release any fears and anxieties you may have through prayer and allow this energy to you surround you completely and step into the light one step at a time.