• Claudia Noble-Pyott

Autumnal Equinox

At two points in the year, in March and September, the sun illuminates the northern and southern hemispheres equally, these are known as the equinoxes. The sun shines directly on the equator, making the length of day and night nearly equal.

Here in the northern hemisphere, each year in September, the Autumnal Equinox occurs and this year it will take place on Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 at 2.30 pm BST.

This is a day of balance, a pause, a breath, as the season is truly shifting into the dark half of the year. We are gently sliding into mid-autumn and the earth is changing rapidly. With each passing day there is less light and the long dark evenings draw in earlier.

On this day of balance, we give thanks for a bountiful harvest, for an abundance of colourful berries, fruits, vegetables and grains. We are grateful for the summer and all of the joy and happiness the warm season brought with it. We give thanks to the waning sun for the wealth of harvest bestowed upon us - as within, so without.

We reflect on our life, on our hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year and how they have unfolded. We complete projects and clear out that which is no longer needed, as we prepare for the descent into the quiet and peaceful time of winter.

We deeply honour ourselves for all of our achievements, just like we honour our Great Mother for sharing everything she has with us. We give thanks for all of our blessings and share what we have with those less fortunate.

Enjoy this time of plenty. Move mindfully upon the earth, take in every step, breathe in the earthy smells and take note of the changing colours. Everything is getting more and more quiet, going inward, underground.

Wishing you a bountiful and abundant harvest. May you have plenty to see you through the winter months.

Blessed be ⛤

Image 'Sunrise' by Xuuxuu on Pixabay

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