• Claudia Noble-Pyott

Be still and listen ...

Be still and listen ...

the Earth is singing,

the Earth is telling you a story,

the Earth is comforting you,

the Earth is showing you the way.

Be still and listen ...

and you will find grace and a depth of acceptance of all that is within and without.

Be still and listen ...

and you will connect with ancient knowledge hidden in plain sight.

Be still and listen ...

and you will find a new way of being to be integrated and lived.

Be still and listen ...

the Earth is singing you a very special song.

At this time of year, while we are still going through the deep dark winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is amazing what happens deep underground. You can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, everything is changing.

The Goddess is making herself known. She is singing ancient songs, awakening all that needs to slowly start growing.

It is nearly Imbolc as I write this and I can feel my own creative juices growing and getting stronger, just like the sun gets stronger every day.

It is a very special time of year. Give yourself time to listen to what is happening around you. Give yourself time to dream, envision and plan what you would like to do this year.

For me personally, I've been dreaming about performing water blessings. There is a well not too far from where I live and I saw it clearly in my dream. It needs a bit of tender loving care, so that is what I will be doing in the next few days, collecting the rubbish that has accumulated around it and just tidying the area. Then I will be performing a very personal blessing, guided by the Goddess Brigid.

Brigid is the patroness of wells, and many healing springs and wells are dedicated to her throughout Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Natural bodies of water are also sacred to her, particularly where three streams joined together.

Be still and listen ...

let yourself be guided by the Goddess.

Blessed be

Claudia 💚

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