• Claudia Noble-Pyott

Holy Nights

This year has been a bombardment of chaos and uncertainty like never before, it's been stressful and very unsettling. To come back to the core of our being, to settle into ourselves, to rest, recuperate and reset, I am offering you to join me for a 14 day online retreat.

The nights from the 24th December to the 6th January are holy nights. During this time we are embarking through a doorway, a turning point, where the Wheel of Fortune turns and the year ahead is weaved into being.

I would like to invite you to let me consciously and mindfully guide you through this time, help you become aware of how truly special it is and open yourself to the insight and inspiration it brings. May you experience this time as profound and valuable.


On the 21st of December is the Winter Solstice. On this day the Sun stands still in the sky and it is the longest night of the year. The 22nd December represents standstill and unity and the 23rd stands for duality and fertility. On the 24th is the final turning point, because only after a three day pause does the reversal of the Earth's axis take place and the light is reborn.

The 24th of December is known as Mother's Night, as during this night the Mother Goddess is celebrated as the creatrix of all life. The following 13 days and 12 nights are considered the time between the years. They are holy, mystical and magickal. They are counted from midnight to midnight.

Time pauses. The old is not yet gone and the new is not yet strong enough to take hold. The powers that set the Wheel of Fortune in motion are getting manifested here. All of life is hurled into chaos. The nights still seem to rule with everlasting darkness. But it is the turning point, because from this point forward the light penetrates deep into the darkness and awakens the sleeping seed of light in all and everything.

The veil to the otherworld is thin and it's a powerful time for divination and introspection. Old patterns are being broken up so that new ones can begin. In these nights the Nature Spirits set forth to alter and newly weave the powers that be.


Join me for these 14 Nights and learn to create ceremonies, rituals and prayers to guide you through this time. Let me tell you stories and read you poems to uplift you and nourish your heart and soul.

Your investment for this online event is only £144 (about US$196)



After registration you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with a Zoom link.


Our daily online time together will last between 1 and 2 hours. We will discuss what has come up for you. I will lead you in rituals, meditations and prayers that will help you relax, unwind and lean into this time, surrendering to the flow. We will tell stories, light candles and enjoy precious togetherness.

The event will be recorded and sent to you per email, so even if you cannot attend live, you will still get the full benefit.

This will be a nourishing, gentle and safe space infused with lightness and loving energy to support you fully during this time.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there and to share this time, love and wisdom with you.

Blessed be


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