• Claudia Noble-Pyott

Mercury Retrograde - Time to Remember

Several times a year it seems as though Mercury is moving backward. This is an optical illusion. As Mercury is closest to the Sun his orbit is much shorter than Earths. Three or four times a year Mercury speeds past Earth and then it seems as though he is travelling backward.

And every time Mercury appears to be moving backward has an affect on us. This Retrograde period comes with its own trials and tribulations - quite honestly, it has a really bad reputation. But how come?

Mercury, the Messenger, is the ruler of communication, travel, contracts, intellect, awareness, logic, reasoning and thinking. Sometimes we experience hiccups in these areas when Mercury is retrograde. But mostly it's easy to blame everything that doesn't appear to go our way on this period.

What Mercury Retrograde really helps us do is reflect, review, release, reorganise, revisit, relearn, refresh, rewind and most of all remember. Especially at this time of year, during Scorpio Season, he helps us dive deep into ourselves and remember who we are, remember what is written in our bones.

Remembering our connection to the Great Mother, our connection to the water, the land, the air and the fire. Our connection to each and every living, breathing being and most of all our deep connection to ourselves. Remembering the tools and the power we were born with.

And sometimes remembering this power that lies within each and every one of us is hard, as it brings up so much more. We deep dive through layers and layers of hurt and pain that has us questioning if it's worth remembering at all.

And this is where Mercury Retrograde is so helpful. This period can help us grieve and with that release those layers. The more we allow ourselves to grieve, the more we enter the pain of healing, the more it will liberate us and set us free.

This is not something we can accomplish on our own, as grief needs a sacred witness. It wants to be seen, held, witnessed and validated. Learning how to navigate grief while allowing our nervous system to heal enough to hold our grief process is important, as it leads us to our roots and our power.

If this is something that interests you, please contact me to explore more. I have different offerings built around your personal requirements.

Remembering how to grieve is the healing balm for our heart and soul. We do not grieve what we do not love. Grief opens doors to self-compassion and self-kindness. And these in turn are the main ingredients for self-love.

Blessed be

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