• Claudia Noble-Pyott

There is always Hope

On this day of the Autumnal Equinox, as I reflect on the year thus far, I am reminded that life is a never-ending spiral of cycles.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are entering the darkest part of the year, as one cycle is coming to an end. And it seems to me that we, as the human race, are being drawn deeper and deeper into a dark cycle of our own.

But that is life. There have always been terrible times for the human race in one way or another. And out of these very bad times extraordinary people rise, great changes happen and so much good comes to pass.

The darkness is our trusted ally and friend. It really is a safe space, in which we can let go of what obscures our vision and gain great insights. In the darkness light shines brighter and can be seen by many, who are then drawn to and will follow it.

There is always hope. Remember that. Believe it. Cling to it. Hope is everywhere. Just take a good look around you and you will see it. Hope is trust. Trusting in your own light and your ability to withstand even the greatest storm.

So, as we descend into the darkest part of the year, remember that the seed now planted will lie dormant until it is awakened by the light of Spring. Use this time to plant seeds, lots of them, everywhere, so they can rest in the Earth and awaken when the time is right.

Rest assured that we will come through this. We will rest, we will go inward, we will lie dormant, we will heal, we will grow. And by the Spring Equinox we will be ready to rise once again, stronger than ever before.

When the pendulum of life swings too far in one direction, it will swing back with force in the other, until it slowly swings out into the middle, into balance. So be patient.

Allow yourself to rest in the arms of the Crone. Let the old Wise One cradle you and whisper sacred knowledge into your ear. Let her share all of her wisdom with you. Rest on the bosom of the Great Mother and let her sing you lullabies and tell you stories.

Blessed be ⛤

Image by Antonio López on Pixabay

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