• Claudia Noble-Pyott

You are worthy of your Love

I used to think I was broken.

So many times I was told that I wasn't normal, I was too quiet or too loud, too opinionated, too boisterous, too this or too that.

I was told I was unworthy and no one could love me the way that I am.

This really stayed with me and I was molded into a people pleaser. I would always try to anticipate what the other person wanted me to be, take on their opinions as my own and do as I was asked.

And still I was told that I wasn't good enough. They needed me to be this way, then that way and I was always trying so hard to please.

But the goal posts kept moving and I kept trying to change. Yet I could never keep up, never get it right, was laughed at and ridiculed. And still I kept trying.

I really thought it was my fault, that if only I was thinner, funnier, better, more pleasing, I would be loved.

I tried so very hard to change the way I acted, felt, was. But still it wasn't enough. So I tried another course, another diet, another way to be.

But again the goal posts where moved.

And then something happened.

When I was going through a particularly bad time, I met one of my guides and he helped me remember.

Now I know I am NOT broken.

Now I know I do NOT need to change.

Now I know I AM good enough.

Now I know I AM loved.

Loved by ME.

And that is enough.

I've come to realise that the validation I had been trying to gain on the outside from others needed to come from deep inside of me.

But this is not what we are taught, what we see in the media and read in magazines.

There is this whole patriarchal construct of capitalism hidden inside teachings supposedly about self-love, where you have to buy this, that and the other.

This construct feeds off of our loneliness, our feeling of being lost and broken.

YOU are NOT broken.

YOU do NOT need fixing.

YOU are perfectly lovable

as you are.

You do NOT need to be validated by a society that uses and abuses everyone and everything.

You are human and as humans we are flawed. This doesn't make you bad or in need of fixing. Being human makes you incredible, magical and beautiful. It makes you worthy of all life has to offer. It makes you sacred.

You are worthy of your love.

Every part of you.

Image by Antonio López on Pixabay

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