Power Animals


The term power animal refers to the shamanic idea that animals can physically and psychologically empower us. The power animal is thought to lend its wisdom, attributes and instinct to us in times of need. It can be thought of as a spirit guide, a personal guide and protector.


Most of us have at least one power animal that stays with us throughout our lives, and then there are ones that come as the need arises. They always have specific messages and guidance.

Power Animals - hOIListically forward
Power Animal Wolf



The wolf will always take you where you need to go. He will stay by your side and protect you, while you get to know your very inner most best kept secrets. He is your teacher and will lead the way. You have nothing to fear when he is around.


He comes into your life to teach you about true strength and about love, how the two of them go hand in hand. Out of great love for yourself and for this world will come great strength. Accept this strength, as it will help you to become the great leader you need to be, you have always been.

Take back this power, your power, let your true self emerge and help others find their way. Trust yourself that you will find your clan and once you have, you will be this clans leader. It's time.


Out of the darkness into the light

I will lead you and show you the way.

Don't be afraid to shine really bright

it is now time to go – and not stay.

Take back your power, take back your will,

do it right now and stop standing still.

I'm here to help you, support you and guide

it's time to switch on your inner bright light.



Legend has it that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus were suckled and raised by a wolf.


In ancient Greece the wolf was a symbol of light and with that associated with Apollo, the Sun God and Ares, the God of War.


In Asia the wolf guards the doors that allow entrance to heavenly, celestial realms.


In Mongolia the wolf is said to be among the ancestry of Genghis Khan.


In Norse mythology the wolf is a symbol of victory when ridden by Odin and his daughters the Valkyries upon the battlefield.


The Celts believed that the wolf was a source of lunar power. Celtic lore tells that the wolf would hunt down the sun and devour it at each dusk so as to allow the power of the moon to come forth.



The Robin comes to show you the way forward very clearly. To set boundaries and not to let trespassers in. But also to respect boundaries that others set.


There is something that needs to be said, something you need to get off your chest. Do it kindly and with love. Please remember, love cannot grow if you blame others for your predicament.

Power Animal Robin

You can make your own decision about where you would like to be in life. The Robin is here to remind you that you are so full of love and that it's okay for you to go within, to find your very own unique way.


He will be by your side as you figure out who you are and then come out and be who you are meant to be. You have no need to imitate others – you are exactly right and what you have to give to the world is exactly what the world need from you. The Robin will help you find yourself and show the world how beautiful you are.

I'm singing, I'm chirping, I'm showing you the way,

I'm showing you exactly what to say.

Let the sunshine in your heart,

open yourself to all the possibilities,

it is not that hard

when you go inside it is all there for you to see.

Follow my example and say what needs saying.

That way you won't be upset no more.

Don't be shy now, it's important for you,

let it all out and feel better soon.



Native American tribes attributed the return of the sun with the Robins red chest.


The Germanic tribes associated the Robin with the red bearded God of Thunder, Donar. They thought that a Robin will protect you from lightning striking near you.


In Europe the Robin was revered as the bringer and bearer of the sun and the light.


In medieval times it was said that a tiny Robin flew to Jesus' crown of thorns, trying to pluck the thorns away and while doing so he tore his own breast. Since then it was thought that the red feathers on the Robins chest were a badge of honour.


Gypsies see Robins as the bringer of good luck.


This bird will comfort the dying and bereaved and conveys messages of the heart as mediator between the worlds. The Robin symbolises pure love, that flows into an open vessel.

Power Animal Butterfly - hOIListically forward


The Butterfly symbolises personal transformation. It comes into your life to remind you of your ability to go through important life changes with ease, grace, eloquence and lightness.


The changes the butterfly tends to point out are more of an internal nature. Mostly they have to do with how your perception changes, the way you look at the world around you. Even a change of your personal habits and morals can be highlighted by the butterfly. 

Sometimes it would like you to take a good look at yourself and see where you can lighten up, what excess baggage can you now safely leave behind by releasing it.

The secret to change is to let it flow and not to control it in any way, shape or form. Dance with the wind and remember the beauty and sweetness of life. It's your soul's journey of freedom, of letting go of all that was, of becoming light and maybe even enlightened.

The butterfly shows you very clearly of going beyond what you think possible, by changing from a caterpillar to a being so light, it can do anything and fly anywhere it pleases. Take this beautiful message and apply it to your own life. Dream big, really big, go beyond what you have ever thought possible and bring the impossible into your reality.

The butterfly also shows you that this takes time. You can achieve this by nurturing and investing in yourself through meditation, reading good books, and visiting courses and seminars. This way you will be able to heal, get in touch with your feelings and your true self.

Leave all you have known behind you and go on a journey of true self-discovery, releasing all of your fear and self-doubt. This way you can set yourself free and be transformed. You can now live a life that's better than you could ever have imagined. You can make this choice – believe – that you can make this happen.

Also Angels and Fairies often use butterflies as messengers, to remind you that they are always around you, looking after you, and helping you along.

The next time you see a butterfly, go inwards, get into a quiet space and listen to your intuition. What are you feeling, sensing, hearing, seeing? What do you know?

Flying and dancing across the land

I bring you ideas of how to transform,

everything is close at hand,

so let the wind of change see you reborn.

Open your heart, so your soul can see

the beauty and splendor and magic around you,

leave all excess baggage behind so you can be free,

to change who you are and your point of view.

Dream your dream and let yourself heal

from all of your fears and your self-doubt,

then your life will be ideal

and beyond everything you ever dreamed about.


In early Christianity, the butterfly was a symbol representing the soul and its journey.


An Irish saying states that “Butterflies are the souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory. It is also a symbol of transformation and creation.


In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is “psyche” which means “soul”.


Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of transformation, joy, and colour of nature.


In China it was used as a symbol of marital happiness and harmony.

In Japan the butterfly was once considered to be the soul of a living person.


The Pheasant reminds you of your roots, your beginning, your origin within the universe. There is a higher consciousness, a divine energy that flows through everything.


When you encounter a Pheasant, it's time to pause for a moment, breathe and consciously tune in to this all encompassing energy.


Certainly, we are individual beings who have a unique life purpose, follow our very own path and live our own history. But there is a different plane of

Power Animal Pheasant - hOIListically forward

existence where all beings are connected. We are all connected through Love and Light, through this divine energy. The Pheasant reminds you of your divine origin.

It's time for you to make contact with Mother Earth and deeply tune in to your very own energetic roots. Here you will encounter this elemental force, this fundamental divine consciousness.

Embrace it and incorporate it with intention into your very own history, your traditions and your belief system. When this fundamental divine energy flows through your life, everything is as it should be.


I take you back to the Oneness of Love

I remind you where you belong.

When you feel lonely and lost,

I remind you that together we're strong.

There is no separation between you and everything else

it's an illusion caused by fear,

until you connect in Love with yourself

then you will find Oneness my dear.


The Pheasant was first introduced into the UK by the Normans in the 11th century as a game bird.


In China the Pheasant is revered for its beauty and is a symbol of nobility.


In Japan he is an important symbol of power, abundance and promise.


The Native Americans consider him a symbol of protection and concealment.

Power Animal Spider - hOIListically forward


Grandmother Spider connects you to the great goddess, the sacred feminine power. She teaches you universal laws and reminds you of how much power you really have as co-creator of your very own reality.


She brings you the strength to take responsibility for your own life, to weave your visions and dreams and implement them into destiny. She teaches you to give up your comfortable victim mentality, to stop blaming others for everything that happens to you.

At night she weaves her web and in the morning her world lies there before her. This is how she teaches you to weave your dreams, your ideas and your beliefs in your minds eye, in the darkness, out of yourself and bring them into reality.


She instructs you to independently create your own reality instead of being a dependant servant of others. Grandmother Spider calls on you to rip the net of illusion and to look at the reality that lies behind it.


The Spider is an animal that instills fear and terror into many people, as she highlights guilt, mistakes, fear, anxiety and misuse of magical powers. She points to subtle, subconscious interconnections and entanglements that numb your energy and keep you trapped. She draws attention to forces that lull you in and which you cannot be bothered to shake off.


I weave my web for you to see your past, your present, your future,

so you find out which path to take and choose the one that suits you.

Listen to my stories where everything is told

about what you need to know.

Then you will find that you never grow old,

just wiser than before.



To the Native Americans the Spider is Grandmother, and symbolizes female ancestors in general. She is a link to the past and the future. They say that the Spider's web protects from bad intentions. The sign of a Spider is a badge of honour and a Spider amulet protects from the evil eye and black magic attacks.

In China Spiders are regarded as good luck, as they bring happiness in the morning and money in the evening.


The indigenous cultures of Australia created spider symbols. Several regional clans use spider totems in rituals.


In ancient India it was said that a large spider wove the web that is our universe. She sits at its center and controls everything via the strings.


In Egyptian mythology Neith, often depicted as a Spider, is a spinner and weaver of destiny.


An ancient Greek myth tells the story of Arachne, a woman who was very good at weaving and thought she was a better weaver than the Goddess Athena. When Athena checked her work and saw it was better, she destroyed it and turned Arachne into a spider.


In West Africa Anansi (Akan for Spider) is cunning and uses trickery to turn the table on his powerful oppressors. His tales were part of a rich oral tradition that found its way to Jamaica and the Caribbean with the slave trade.


The Magpie stands for loyalty, protection and companionship. She has the gift of prophecy and conveys messages of all kinds.


Her black and white plumage markings point to polar forces that you need to negotiate. Just like the Yin Yang symbol she brings light into the darkness and uncovers the darkness in the light.

She brings awareness into the subconscious realms and exposes subconscious tendencies in the conscious mind. Thus she balances the

polar forces. She helps you find your center and with that the right path for you.

As the Magpie has a great preference for light-reflective objects, she helps to detect, highlight and illustrate the advantages and best parts of any matter.


In the West the Magpie tends to be treated with suspicion, she is often labelled as a thieve and stands for stealing of brilliant ideas and missions, and also for black and white thinking, gossiping and verbal abuse. She can point to insecurity and volatility.


Let me help you to dig deep into your own mystery,

together we will uncover your life's history.

What is black is white and what is white is black

this way nothing holds you back

to walk your path in peace and love

with lots of help from those above.

Bring joy and happiness wherever you go,

which will increase your own personal flow

and bring about your plans endeavour

to truly find your purpose, your magic, your life.

This is how I help you find your way from darkness to light.



In China the Magpie is a symbol of happiness. She is regarded as the bringer of luck and good news. The Manchu minority regard her as a sacred bird and during the Manchu dynasty she represented imperial rule.


In old Norse mythology, Skadi was the priestess of the Magpie clan. The black and white markings were seen to represent sexual union as well as female energies kept in balance.


Magpies feature in many legends from the Native Americans and are revered as the ally and helper of humans. Wearing a Magpie feather is a sign of fearlessness in some tribes.


In Greece the Magpie is sacred. The nine daughters of Peirus were turned into Magpies for boasting that they were better singers than the muses.


The Sparrowhawk comes into your life to cleanse and clear your thoughts that were all jumbled up. Now there is peace. But beware, this may only last a moment. Use this moment wisely and really go deep within to take a good look at what you know in this moment of complete clarity. This way a new perspective for your life will open up in front of you.

Bring calmness to your inner world, get a clear idea about the many

inner voices so that you’ll be able to decipher which one is your divine guidance.


Which thoughts are serving your truth and which thoughts are serving purely the comfort of others. Every thought has the power to turn into action. When you know your thoughts, you can control your actions.


When the sparrow hawk enters your life, determine what thoughts are going through your mind and who they are serving.


The sparrow hawk wants to remind you not to let your Ego clip your wings. He shows you that it’s okay for you to spread your wings and fly. Expand your dreams and visions and cast off your own personal limitations and boundaries.


This is a message from the Divine to let you know that you are a beloved child of the Universe and you can do anything, achieve everything you put your mind to.

I come to you on wings of Love

I strive to see your visions.

Let your imagination take flight above,

let this be your ambition.

What can you see?

Let it come naturally!

You are now gaining a higher perspective

of all that there is, was and ever will be.

You don’t have to be so protective

let it come, let it out, for all to see.

It’s now your time to channel information

from help that’s available to all.

Let yourself be guided by the Nation

that is there and that has truly seen it all.

I will be with you, watching patiently

as everything unfolds for you.

This will happen very naturally

and be for the highest review.


In Teutonic mythology, the Sparrowhawk, known as krahui or krahug, is a sacred bird in old Bohemian songs and lives in a grove of the Gods. Holy Sparrowhawks perch on the branches of an oak tree that grows from the grave of a murdered man and “publish the foul deed”.


In numerous traditions, the Sparrowhawk is associated with the world of the gods.


The Hopi have a Sparrowhawk Clan called Kyelngyam.