Protecting your Personal Energy Field


First, I should mention that it is my belief that energy itself is neutral, it is neither negative nor positive, it's simply energy.


That said, when you meet other people or walk into situations, the energy coming towards you may be incompatible with your own system, thus making you feel as though you are absorbing harsh or negative energies.


Also, you may come across energy vampires. These are people or places that deplete you of your energy to sustain themselves.


To shield yourself, it may be helpful to wear crystals.

Proteting your energy field - hOIListically forward

Here are some examples:


  • Amethyst: protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work.


  • Selenite: protects against loss of control, helps shield you by dispelling negativity both on an emotional and an etheric level.


  • Smoky Quartz: protective and grounding, as it removes negative energy of any kind.


  • Tourmaline, Black: protects from external influences, makes objective, clear, logical and rational.


  • Turquoise: protects from external influences, helps recognise causes of unhappiness and master them.

If you feel that you are in need of stronger protection for a short period of time, you can use the method outlined below.


Remember: Any kind of shield that blocks out all energy and with that separates you from the energies around you can also harm you if used excessively, as it unbalances your own energy bodies. Only use energetic shielding in times when there is a specific need for it and ensure that it doesn’t block out all energies, as you do need to feel what you perceive as negative energies to learn and grow.


  • Ask Archangel Michael to work with you and cut any energetic cords to people or places that aren’t serving your highest and best good.


  • Then visualise a protective light around you, like an energetic shield that any words others say will just bounce off on, so they do not harm you.


  • Visualise this shield engulfing your whole body and extending out 2 m in either direction (front, left, back, right, up and down).


Using this kind of shielding too often, may lead to you not learning your life lessons and becoming more insecure. So, use this shielding wisely and only for a very clear and specific purpose. Focusing on your own personal development and with that raising your vibration and personal power is far better practice.