Reiki History

At the end of the 19th century the Japanese scientist Mikao Usui (15.08.1865-9.3.1926) started a search for an energetic method of healing to be used for and by everybody. He traveled extensively to study and learn the many different techniques and spiritual healing traditions in their original settings. In a small Zen monastery near Kyoto the monks instructed him in the special rites and rituals of old Sanskrit scriptures. While carrying these out, Usui saw a way to his subsequent Reiki system.

1922 he followed the instructions of the monks and hiked onto the holy mountain Kurama. Here he fasted and meditated for 21 days, until he had an epiphany, during which he received the knowledge of the Reiki energy and its application.

He could experience the power of this energy the first time in its original form and feel the effect himself.

Mikao Usui opened a Reiki clinic in Tokyo and trained pupils in the application of Reiki. Through by him developed attunements, each attuned person had access to the healing and spiritual power of Reiki and could pass it on to other people.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (15.9.1880-11.5.1940) was a Reiki Master trained by Mikao Usui. He managed a small outpatient Reiki clinic in Tokyo from the end the 1920s to the end of the 1930s. He gathered a lot of expert knowledge of the effect of Reiki on different diseases of the body and spirit. He trained his pupils following a keenly defined concept. Part of this was a basic training course lasting several days and then an internship lasting at least one year.

Hawayo Takata (24.12.1900-12.12.1980) was born and grew up on Hawaii as the daughter of Japanese immigrants. Because of a serious illness, she was treated by Dr. Hayashi with Reiki and nutrition therapy in the mid 1930s. She was so impressed with the result, that she learnt Reiki and became a Reiki Master. She brought a modified Usui System first to Hawaii and then to the American mainland, and finally her pupils carried it out into the western world.

In only 4 years, from 1922 until his death in 1926, Mikao Usui created a healing system that is used by millions of people in nearly all countries of the world. Usui will be happy, that his dreams came true.