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March 10, 2019

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Reiki - what's that and how does it work?

August 8, 2015


Recently I have been asked quite a few times what is Reiki and how does it work? I will try to explain it as simple as possible and without using any spiritual jargon whatsoever.


Reiki is a gentle and safe method to encourage and activate the bodies self-healing mechanism.

Okay, so, how does it work?


Scientists have proved that we are surrounded by energy waves, which light and sound travel on. Take the mobile phone, which is mostly a piece of plastic. On this piece of plastic we dial a number that reaches another piece of plastic and can have a conversation. Doing that we tap into these waves. We also do this when we switch on and listen to the radio.


Reiki also works like that. The person giving Reiki taps into the energy (these waves) that surround us, which travels through his body and comes out focused in his hands.


The hands are placed in various positions on or just above the body of the Reiki recipient and so the energy enters the recipients body. Having reached the body, the energy can then activate the bodies self healing mechanism.


That is how Reiki works.

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