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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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The importance of good teachers

February 6, 2017


The card reading for this week has prompted me to think about how I can help you connect to your heart, your soul voice, your higher self. This in turn has got me thinking about one of the most important questions: If my truth lies within me, why do I need help from someone else to find it?


Okay, so why is that?

We are normally prompted by a feeling of frustration or that there should be more to life than we are currently experiencing to start on a spiritual journey. Mostly we start by utilizing free advice on the internet, buying books and maybe even joining a class or two. At some point, we are told, or we read, that what we are seeking lies within our own being. So, why exactly do we need to spend money on someone helping us?


Excellent question.

The thing is, yes, we can achieve a lot on our own. We can follow the steps given to us in books or videos, we can find a connection with our guardian angels or spirit guides who help and guide us find our way. But there comes a point where we start to walk in circles. And yes, our guides are trying to help us and point us in the right direction, but are we actually listening? Or is there another voice talking to us?


Yes, there is. It’s called our Ego! The problem is that our ego doesn’t like change. Really doesn’t like change. And by starting on a spiritual path, we are automatically trying to cap our addiction to the drama of everyday life and to make changes to our way of thinking and acting. And there it is. CHANGE!!! So, the ego starts whispering in our ear. “This isn’t necessary.” “You don’t need to do this.” “You can’t do this.” “It’s not going to work”. “It’s not real.” “This is all a load of twaddle.” And so on …


The other problem that occurs is the pain. When we start trying to connect with our soul voice, our intuition, our heart, our shadows start emerging. Painful memories that we thought were well and truly buried rise to the surface. And then our ego starts to whisper even more: “Told you, you can’t do this.” “Told you it was a bad idea.” And we start believing it. We stop developing and just walk on the spot, afraid of the pain that may resurface, worried what will happen next.


And that is exactly when we need help. When we need someone, who is not afraid to tell us the truth and point out when we are listening to our ego. Someone who will sit and hold our hand when we take a look at painful memories. Someone who is by our side every step of the way. Someone who will help us celebrate our achievements and someone who will bring us back when we are kidding ourselves.


Yes, I hear you say, but this can all be done by my best friend, by my mother, father, uncle, aunt, etc.


To tell you the truth, some of it can, but mostly it can’t, unless the person that wants to help you is spiritually more evolved than you are. If they have been through it and have come out the other side, then they may be able to help you.


The reason why our best friend can’t be of as much help as they would like to be is that we mirror each other everything. Every person in our life is there for a reason, and yes, mostly that reason is for us to learn and grow. And that’s why sometimes you feel as though you are looking in a mirror when your friend tells you her problems, and that is also why sometimes we choose not to listen, because it’s too painful. Or maybe because they are touching on a subject that we are not ready for in our own lives yet.


You see that’s why we all need a teacher. Everyone who embarks on a spiritual journey to discover their heart, their soul voice, their higher self, true self Love, true Love of all, needs a teacher to help him along. Because finding our heart is one of the hardest things we can set out to do.


During our search, we have trials and tribulations, there is pain and anguish, it’s not easy to go within. And that’s why we need guidance and love, someone who will take us by the hand and show us the way. Someone who will help us up, when we fall. Someone, who will be there when we laugh, and when we cry.


Someone who will move us forward, if we do not want to carry on. Someone who will tell us the truth, even if we don’t want to hear it, even if we are adamant it’s not how it is. Someone who is strong enough to be able to take it when we are mad at them, scream at them, fall out with them.


Someone who doesn’t take things personally. Someone who will be there no matter what. That’s why we need a teacher, a way shower, a person who will hold space for us and let us be, well just us. Someone who is a great teacher.

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