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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Welcome Lilith - great Goddess

August 25, 2015


As from tonight, 25 August 2015 until 21 May 2016, Lilith enters Libra. This is a great time to really explore and get to know yourself.









In Jewish folklore Lilith is Adams first wife. She had been created along with him, as his companion. But there was little the two of them could agree on. Lilith even refused to lie on the bottom while making love, because they were created equal, and thus they should make love in equal positions. Adam on the other hand insisted, that she was created as his helper, and with that she was not his equal. She wasn't prepared to spend her life like this, so left the garden and Adam, and Eve was created – out of Adam's rib – as his helper.



Today we can say that Adam represents our ego, our conscious mind and Lilith is our subconscious dark side, everything that is most enjoyable, but, according to what we have been taught, we try and hide deep within ourselves. Eve on the other hand is the subconscious that the ego has control over, and represents all that's deemed acceptable.


Lilith represents complete equality. She is a whirlwind of both creation and destruction. This means that Liliths powers of strength, fearlessness, wisdom, wildness, truthfulness, sensibility, tenderness are awake and have a chance to manifest themselves in our consciousness. She will uplift us into a new awareness with a force so powerful, that we will be able to see all aspects of her in ourselves clearly. Especially her dark aspects, like lust, desire, revenge, envy, rage or guilt. We will be able to see all of these in a new light and have the courage and strength to experience them fully. You are responsible only for Yourself – is Liliths motto and she will teach this to everyone who is open, ready and willing to learn. She will also sharpen your intellect and you will be able to hold discussions on all levels, be it in business, family or relationships on equal terms. She holds great wisdom available to all who harness her energy. Tune into this and feel the primal feminine, wild and passionate power this great goddess is offering to awake in you. Let it flow through your body, mind and spirit. It will help you release all shackles that are binding these powerful traits deep within you. You will then be free and completely independent. You decide how you want to live – don't let it be dictated by what you believe others expect. Lilith can help you realise who you are and what you are meant to do. She will show you YOUR very own unique way forward to a fulfilling life. Spread your wings and fly, safe in the knowledge that you are a powerful, strong, creative, independent, wise and loving being.


Welcome Lilith, may you help us realise, free and use our power within!




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