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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Full Moon

November 23, 2015


The next Full Moon is on Wednesday, 25 November 2015.

The full moon has a great healing effect. Simply take a moon bath and let go of everything that is keeping you back. Release all negative thoughts and emotions. While you are releasing, issues from the past may come up, this could be something that is unforgiven, some hurt, old heart-break, etc. Allow this to come up and look at it, as this way it can be transformed and you can heal. If you keep it hidden you will stay stuck.

One good method of letting go is to write it all down. Take your time, either sit out in the moonlight or connect with the moon, write down what you are thinking and feeling, and when you know that you have finished burn that peace of paper while thinking or saying: “I now let you go, so that you can be transformed for the greater good.”

Another way of connecting with the full moon is by meditation. Meditating in the full moon will help you re-charge yourself. It is a great way to connect with yourself and with nature.

The full moon is also the time for re-charging healing crystals. Simply put them onto the window sill, or out into the garden overnight. Don't worry if it is overcast or raining, the moon is still there, it is just hidden behind the clouds. This doesn't effect the re-charging of the crystals in any way.

The Archangel connected to the moon and stars is Archangel Haniel. Angels are non-denominational and genderless. They are spirits and can appear in any form they wish, as they aren't bound by our physical laws. Most people have encountered Archangel Haniel as female. Haniels name means 'Grace of God'. In Babylonian times she was one of the Archangels who guided the priest astronomers with their work and mapping the stars. She can help us to open up to and develop our natural intuitive abilities, as she embodies sensitivity and nurturing. If you wear or hold a moonstone it may help you feel connected to Haniel. She will also help with anything you would like to release or heal.

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