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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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The Lovers

March 27, 2016

(Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine)

Relationships come in different formats, and you have them with everyone and everything around you, including yourself. Someone is particularly on your mind at the moment. This doesn't have to be an intimate relationship, it can also be a platonic friendship, a parent or a child. It just means that you are thinking about this person constantly, which in turn may be holding you back from achieving what you set out to do. It is time to make a decision about your future, how you see yourself and how to proceed forward. It is very important not to loose yourself right now because you are bending over backwards to please another person. The future You that you have been waiting to come out of the closet for so long has every chance to come out and the life you want to live is there for you for the taking. This means that you need to focus solely on yourself and your energies and cycles and not on pleasing others. What others think about you has nothing to do with you, that is their problem and goes through their filters, so there is no point in trying to guess what they might or might not think. Your focus should now lie with what your needs are and see that they are met. This may include standing up for yourself and asking for what is rightfully yours. This won't be easy, but you have your Angels by your side supporting and guiding you all the way. It also means keeping the channels of loving communication to all those around you open and making compromises to hopefully bring about a win:win situation. The life you dream about is making the transition from your thoughts to reality and for this your part is keeping the faith and releasing old fears that may be able to sabotage your success. The moon is waning, so it is the perfect time to release your fears, self-doubt and any negative feelings you harbour about yourself.

If you need any help today, you may want to call on Archangel Raphael and/or Haniel. Raphael has the most beautiful emerald green aura and his name means “Whom God heals”. He is the Angel of healing and can help you heal a broken heart. Call on him when the sadness seems to want to engulf you and never let go, as he is very comforting, loving and gentle. Haniel has the most beautiful silvery pale blue aura, like moonlight, and her name means “Glory of God”. She has a very nurturing mother energy and can help you embrace all parts of yourself, even the ones you have hidden away in the shadows. Call on Haniel if you are afraid of those shadows coming to the surface, she will help you look at them lovingly and guide you whether integrating or releasing them is the right thing to do.

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