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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo - 1 September 2016

August 31, 2016


The New Moon is traditionally a time of new beginnings. You can press the refresh button and start over. A time to set your intentions, to plant the seed and manifest your dreams and visions.


This New Moon is especially powerful, as it is combined with a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is mainly seen in the Southern Hemisphere, but the powerful effect will be felt everywhere.


Also Mercury Retrograde has started on 30 August. Mercury is the Ruler of Virgo, so this will have a real impact on all of us.


It's the start of a new month and a change of seasons, so we can all prepare ourselves for some exciting changes ahead. Embrace these changes wholeheartedly, be they within or without. It's a new month, a change of season and everything transforms as the new cycle begins.


With the help of logical, sensible, practical and grounded Virgo and the inward focus of the Retrograde period, we can all focus on our priorities. It's time to be assertive with ourselves and get motivated to get organised.


Perfect time for a clear-out and re-organisation of your home and workspace. The methodical Virgo will really help you out here, just be careful as not to get too drawn in to perfectionism.


It's also a great time to set new goals. You are ready for that next big step. Believe in yourself and start making concrete plans. Take your own advice and follow your inner guidance. Give yourself the same freedom to grow and develop as you do others.

Go inwards and take stock of your life. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed by this, as the worst is behind you.


Taking inventory is always a good idea before you set new goals, as it gives you a chance to change and heal everything that is unbalanced.


A life review has another purpose, as you may find that you would like to take a whole new direction. Whatever the outcome, have fun looking back, as it will give you a whole new perspective on your life at this present moment.


Take these powerful intense energies and make them work for you. This is your time to really shine.


Here you can find some Crystals you may want to consider to help you during this intense period.


Lots of Love and Blessings

Claudia xoxo

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