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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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International Day of Peace

September 21, 2016


I am writing this on the International Day of Peace, as it has got me thinking about how we would be able to achieve Peace in the World.


How can we find Peace when we are constantly at war with ourselves? When we fight and oppress our true nature because of an ego-induced fear of lack. Where does this fear of lack come from? We are taught there is lack by our parents and by a society who were taught there is lack by their parents and a society who were taught this by their parents … and so it goes on.


How can we free ourselves from this way of thinking?


We can free ourselves by seeing through the illusion. And this is where our work really begins. It is not easy to “awaken”, as it is called.


More and more of us wake up and start to question what we are taught. More and more of us go on a journey to discover their true nature. More and more people want to discover what they are truly thinking and what they truly want, once they peel away the layers and layers of imprinted ways of thinking and feeling.


It takes time, patience and determination to really question why we do the things we do. And it is painful to discover that what you thought were your decisions actually were made for you. We are taught so many things that make us feel seriously unwell, so we are taught to take drugs that numb our mind and train us even more to be “good” and to do as we are told.


We are puppets controlled by puppet masters that have never even met us and really don't care how we truly feel. So we poison our children through vaccinations and the over-use of chemicals in our household and processed foods. Because it is what you do. It is what everyone does so it can't be wrong, or can it?


It is painful to find out that we are the ones who allow this to happen. So we feel sad and we cry tears of pain and regret. They clean our system, cleanse us and get us ready for the next step.


Then comes anger, it engulfs us, takes us over. Anger at ourselves and anger at the puppet masters. Anger is the second step, it is the re-ignited fire of our soul.


Once the anger subsides, the real work begins. Peeling away layer after layer, re-connecting with our Soul, with Love and with the Oneness we thought didn't exist. Each layer takes us deeper into ourselves, always starting with tears and then anger. Each layer takes us more into Love and into Peace with ourselves.


Once we find the Love and Peace within ourselves and the connection to our Soul and through our Soul with the Oneness, we are ready to find Peace everywhere else we look. We live Peace, we breathe Peace, we are Peace and with that the world becomes a little more Peaceful.


It is very difficult to begin this journey on our own, as we need support, guidance and someone to help us get back up when we fall into our old habits. Breaking the habit of fear and worry is harder than it sounds. As strange as it may seem, fear and worry are a safety net, because they are something we are used to and how we were taught to be.


If this article has gotten you interested in finding out more, please get in touch with me. I would be honoured to connect with you and help and guide you to connect with your Soul.


Love & Blessings

Claudia xoxo

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