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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Third Sacred Night – 23./24. December

December 24, 2016


24 December

Represents the month of March

Topic: Let miracles into your life to open your heart


Today attend to your heart energy. Who was there for me when I wasn’t well? Who stayed with me during times of trouble? Who has helped me this year? Who has loved me? Who has brought joy and happiness into my life? Who have I reached out to in love and friendship? Who or what has drained me of energy? What is in and out of balance? Which bonds of friendship do I want to strengthen, which do I want to loosen because our paths have lead us in different directions?


Open your heart again and again. It is your highest good, your biggest treasure. Clear old issues by forgiving and letting go. Open yourself up to new experiences of friendship, trust and love. Breathe the light into your heart and visualize it widening and opening like a rose with unconditional love pouring in. Love begins with love for our real self. As soon as we think bad thoughts about ourselves, our real self withdraws and this causes pain. When we recognize the light in ourselves, our heart starts to beam and glow. We can create a new version of love and togetherness and experience miracles, when we allow ourselves to love and be loved.


Today express your wishes and goals for the coming year. Your wishes and desires are an indication of your life purpose. The Divine is love and happiness and all that awakens love and happiness in us and reignites our inner flame is a sign. This is not about chasing short lived material gain, but consciously recognizing your soul purpose, the reason you came into this life. Listen to your hearts desires and let them come up into your conscious mind.

What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel completely fulfilled and brings you joy? What do you like doing the most?


Take your time to feel into your wishes and desires, write them into your journal and give them to the Universe.

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