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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Ten of Air

December 27, 2016


Today you will have an epiphany, something just clicks and you’ll be able to see through any illusions that have been blinding you. You have been taking your lead from others, and then blaming them if things didn’t turn out how you expected them to.


This realization is profound and will help you to put all your difficulties into perspective. You are not other people! You are excellent, marvelous, intelligent, wise, gifted, warm, beautiful, kind and compassionate You! This makes you unique and that is a wonderful gift.


The blame game is drama, and drama is highly addictive. The more drama goes on in your life, the more you want. It is a downward spiral that constantly needs to be fed and can lead to all sorts of self-harming thoughts and actions. Today this stops. Today you can see very clearly that there are possibilities for you to changes this.


Let the Ten of Air inspire you to embrace the changes you will make. Let the Ten of Air remind you that from today onward you can expect things to get better. You don’t have to know exactly where you are going from here right now. Relax, you’ll have a much better idea which steps to take in the morning after a good nights rest.

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